Am I still invited?

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  1. long story short i used to fuck with this girl named taylor for about 2 weeks but it didn't work out, but while we were together she added me to the invite list for her hotel room party in atlanta & there's SO many people going so should i ask her if i'm still invited or should i just leave her alone?

  2. if you guys are decently cool just go, if not ask. it really depends on how rough of an end it had. 
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    just go. 
    as long as she wouldn't chase you out of it...
    seek her out first thing when you get there and say hey. be nice. 
    if she asks you to leave...leave in peace. 
    but she won't as long as there are many people there. she won't want to seem like a douche. unless you deserved it.
  4. "Hey, I know things kinda fizzled out between us, but as far as I know we're still cool, so am I still coming to this party or do you just wanna keep distance from each other or what? Figured I should ask either way, didn't want to drop by and look like a dick :)"  Simples 
  5. Leave her alone.  You lost all perks and privileges when you broke up and that includes HER hotel room party.  Emphasis on it being HER hotel room party.  Don't go.  Don't be that guy.  
  6. i'm still cool with her. it's kind of awkward when i see her but we're still cool.

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