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Am I smoking too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kutchie, May 21, 2010.

  1. I'm probably smoking around 5 grams per week, is this too much? I'm trying to pace myself, be honest with me
  2. Umm... I guess about a gram a day or something is a reasonable amount :p I cant imagine smoking that much personally though, and spending like $50 on weed a week :D Even though its just paper, i need that paper for food and other stuff :D
  3. Unless you feel negative side effects from smoking that much, there's probably not much wrong with it... there's lots of people that smoke an ounce a week so you're fine lol :smoke:
  4. depends on if its getting in the way of your other activities (whatever that would be...) also if you don t have money or what ever u should slow down...
    also tolerance sucks so u should do less anyway...
  5. it probably works out around 2-3 bowls today, and i just worked it out, i've smoked about 4 grams this week, just wondering if i need to slow my roll or not, and i smoke with friends and alone.
  6. I smoke a slice a week, including throwing down for my boys and stuff. Three times a day is almost too much I think so I can't imagine how often you smoke. If you can handle it that's great though, everyones different. Stay up, :smoke:.
  7. yeah, i have to smoke about 3 bowls to get pretty high but they are really small bowls because my new pipe is small, so i usually just smoke 3 bowls wake and bake, or 1-2 bowls midday.
  8. That's a lot. I'm on my second bowl right now but I'm pretty huggin figh.
  9. these are mids though, and like i said my bowls are fucken tiny, it's a pocket sized piece but not quite a one hitter.
  10. Oh well I don't know anything about mids anymore, you probably spend less a week than me on weed if you have a good connection.
  11. well i spend £40 ($57) for 7 grams of some "beasters" i guess, a bit better than standard shit.
  12. I don't really think that thats to much. I smoke a little less than a half of schwag and an 8th of nugs a week usually its just me and two others and one of them usually matches me.
  13. theres no such thing as too much weed.

    i used to smoke 5 grams a day
  14. lol I smoke an oz a week. with 1 other person
  15. Smoking too much is subjective since weed doesn't do any harm to you. Its more about whether or not it effects your daily life or responsibilities.

    I smoke at least a quarter a week, which although its a lot, it doesn't really interfere with my life. My tolerance is getting pretty high though, watch out for that.
  16. Alot of people smoke between 1-4g a day, everyday and have been for years. I'm pretty sure you're fine. :3
  17. Smoking daily i smoke around that much, if i have regs, if i have dank its way different, i only pull gravs and save all i can.
  18. Unless your wallet is thin, your doing just fine
  19. i smoke maybe a half o in a week sometimes less.
  20. I smoke a 1/4 every week which is 7 grams. Your only smoking too much if YOU feel like you are

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