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Am I smoking too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by icebubba2005, May 28, 2009.

  1. Ok so im a fairly new smoker and everytime I get high I tend to feel like im spinning and I get really tired after like 30 mins...Is this normal or am I smoking too much?
  2. I love being that high usually takes me a little more then i normally would smoke as I smoke very little to conserve. Spinning and the Giggles is when you know your really high haha. I love getting so high that I feel like there is an earthquake and then I'm just like rofl im sooo high. :smoking:
  3. No. You're not somoking too much. You're fine. Keep toking.

  4. Most likely it's just from being that you're new to smoking and are still "adjusting" to getting stoned. However, different strains of ganja will produce different effects depending on it's genetic makeup.

    If the strain is Sativa dominant then your high is going to be very cerebral. You normally should feel your head to be lighter or uplifted, that you are more alert and energized, and and that you are awake and focused.

    Indica dominant strains will produce more of the couch-lock and spaced out stoner effect :smoking:. Indica is a body take over with sedative properties which makes it great for those with body pains and/or sleep disorders.

    So it's somewhat like your daytime/nighttime cough medicine. Smoke sativa during the day and indica at night. And both are great for pain relief.

    And then there are hybrids where the effects somewhat intertwine; however, the outcome is going to rely on which side it falls more dominant to: sativa or indica?

    Your surroundings can also affect how you feel. You mentioned that you got "the spins" after smoking. Were you taking smoke drives in a car or were you sitting down? Or were you in a club? Had you done meth bombs prior to smoking? ... just kidding, but I think you see where this is going ;)

    Have you tried smoking some different weed? Do you still get the spins?
  5. it's quite the opposite if anything. build up that tolerance, boy!
  6. I miss those days...

  7. Are you smoking enough? :rolleyes:
  8. You can try smoking less. A little goes a long way in most occasions. It's also possible you're smoking weed that is very potent for a person of your smoking level.
  9. It sounds to me that your just smoking shitty bud or rolling a bad blunt. Get better weed and roll a better joint. Don't smoke out of coke cans.
  10. Well, I agree with most everyone above me, except MrPerfect...its probably your low tolerance since you're new. Enjoy it while it lasts haha, but yeah no need to worry buddy, keep burning
  11. lol i love those kinds of highs, to answer your no your not smoking too much, smoke more and see what happens
  12. My scientific analysis of your predicament has caused me to produce the following theory:

    You should smoke more :smoking::wave:
  13. Can't argue with that logic :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  14. Sounds like you got some good heavy indica bud, try and embrace it, or put your mind on something other then the spins, if you don't like the feeling get your mind off it and it will go away. I personally hate spinning or dizziness, so i've learned to get them off my mind and stay calm
  15. Yes, in a way. Try to conserve weed as much as possible by taking a few hits, waiting 20-30 minutes and see how you feel, if your not where you want to be, take a few more hits and wait for the same amount of time, repeat, ect. Only smoke enough to get you high, once you feel it, stop puffing. But smoke more and your tolerance will raise so a little bit of weed wont get you crazy high.
  16. just keep puffin man and try to relax a bit. dont get krazy and jump off the walls dude

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