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Am I smoking too much?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by success, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So I just started thinking about how I couldn't possibly be smoking to much during a sesh. I like to smoke at night around 11-12pm. I have some lemon skunk (it's dank and tastes great). Usually Ill load up a pretty big bowl and smoke that out of my bubbler. Then I'll take like 5 big snaps. I went on a month tbreak and started smokin again about a week and a half ago so I get wrecked. Like everything is in cartoon mode and I feel like I'm moving around in quick snap shot pictures. It gets reall intense like when I close my eyes I have crazy cevs and I feel like the room is melting and twisting. I researched this bud
    And it's a creeper high so should I just take a few snaps and see how I feel instead of smoking so much, because I end up getting really tired after about a hour and this is a sativa dominant strain. Thanks blades :bongin:

  2. Last night I just feel asleep I smoked so much I would just do a bowl pack or so and 1 hr later do a few snaps
  3. never heard of smoking too much for anything but budget. but if you enjoy it then by all means. personally i dont like the spinning room and i do the foot on the floor trick to stop it.

  4. In usually a rap guy like chief keef, feeding Santana, ab soul, wiz, juicy j. But my dad turned me on to some good music like lynryd skynyrd pink Floyd and all that. When I listen to that I start trippin if I smoke alot. Like I just close my eyes and go on a ride. If you've been that high you know what I'm talkin about. Or lookin at yourself in the mirror and listening to rap and you start rappin along like your in te video. Lmao I swear if I recorded myself it'd be hilarious to watch.
  5. The only way to tell if you're smoking too much is to smoke less and see if you enjoy it better. If not, then just pack up another one after 5 minutes and get to where you want to be!

    Also, smoke earlier and you might not pass out as easy.

  6. Yea I think I'll take about 3 snaps tonight and wait like 10 mins and see how I feel.

  7. That woulda helped me out while I first started blazing haha
    That shit used to fuck with me, now i love it:D

  8. Sounds like this man needs some Cudder in his life.:cool:
  9. Try smoking a 4th in one sitting


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