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am i smoking too little or too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ilovesmoke, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. i usually smoke one bowl every night, but recently i have 2/3/4 bowls since i guess my tolerance is shooting up.

    after these bowls i just feel fucking tired and not as happy/giggly as i used to, and not having as good of a time. am i smoking too much? like just knocking myself out or am i smoking too little?

    i think i need to do something different also since all i have been doing is watching tv, anyone have any suggestions?
  2. You're becoming a stoner... the high gets different as you smoke more often / more as a whole. The giggles go away, it's natural. Instead of watching TV, get out in nature during the day and whatnot.
  3. ^^ haha agreed. Your just getting used to the feeling like he said. Maybe take a short T-break, that usually helps :smoking:
  4. take a tolerance break, problem solved.

    but you now are used to the high and it won't be like it use to unless you take a few weeks break and let your receptors "heal" and lose their tolerance your high won't be as it was.
  5. yea best bet is probably a tolerance break, i went on one for like 5 days and now i get high so easy, but i have a really low tolerance for everything, including alchohol, im 200lbs and i can get drunk off half a 26 lol
  6. Change your setting. I notice if I pick up some weight for myself and smoke the same strain for a week or two, I become tolerant, especially in the same setting. For instance I've been smoking this same strain (heavy sativa) for about a week. The first time I smoked it, I was RIPPED. A few bowls, and I was soaring. Great head high, long lasting. The more I smoked it, the more used to the high I was getting. Yesterday I went over my girlfriends and smoked with her and some of her friends and the high was incredible again. The setting was a bit different, new people, new thoughts, same great feeling.

    Mix it up, don't watch TV or play videogames. I like to play music and jam, listen to music. It's a bit too cold out to enjoy any nature at the moment in Philly, but the snow coming down right now is beautiful.

    Sorry for the ramble, slightly lit at the moment. Haha.
  7. haha i have JUST been on a week and a half t break.. i guess i'm just becoming a stoner... been toking for a year now.
  8. Get some better bud :p
  9. like the poster said above me get some strait chron
  10. I like that people are saying change the setting where you smoke. I think this is a huge factor in how much you enjoy your high. If you always smoke and do the same thing every day it gets boring and becomes just a part of your day. I try to smoke somewhere new once or twice a week. This is easy for me because I am surrounded by beautiful North Carolina nature :D
  11. I would say T break, but I tried it once. The first 5 highs were good, and then it was back to normal.
  12. Some strains give you strong energetic and euphoric highs, and some just give you couchlock and make you want to veg out.

    your high is probably changing as not just your tolerance is going up, but you're probably also learning to deal with your highs better too. enjoy it dude!

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