Am i sick? Whats wrong with me?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokamano8o, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Everytime i swallow i get a painful feeling in my chest and sometimes it just happens even when im not swallowing. This is the 3rd day. It hurts to eat and even breathe sometimes. Does anyone have any ideas on whats my problem. Can't go to the doctor, don't wanna go into it. I don't know if im dying, or i have heart cancer, or if i just cut my throat on a chip. any ideas?
  2. It's ok everyone I am a doctor

    Well, it would seem as though you are sick, let me refer you to another doctor.

    They jus call me Dr. Pimper, I don't specialize in sick people.
  3. LOL, did you fucking -rep me for that? First off, your rep doesn't ammount to shit, secondly I was trying to tell you, in the least dickish way i could, that you need to see a real doctor, no one of Grassity is going to be able to telly ou what the fuck is wrong.
  4. Sounds like Strep Throat. Hopefully you have insurance (if you are in USA). Just go to your general doctor and he will give you some antibiotics. Whenever i have had it it started out as a really itchy throat for a couple days, but then it fucking hurt to swallow or use my throat in anyway.

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