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  1. I want to put my plant into 72 hours of darkness 3 days after her last watering... I have good air circulation and fans on the buds 24/7...

    Should I do it? Or just water until 3 days before harvest with normal lighting and then cut her down

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  2. Why harvest when they are thirsty?
  3. And why cut the light for three days prior to harvest? You're stressing it out.
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  4. That whole 36 hours of darkness is at Flip to Flower. Jump starts the hormones for flowering. It does shorten the change by a week or so.
    At harvest it does nothing.
    More mixed up stoner science.
    <--- first grow 1976
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  5. Trichome production mainly takes place during night cycle if I'm not mistaken... Just want to get the halfway milky ones at the time to go all the way milky, and any young trics to mature a bit.

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  6. To cut down drying time a bit... RH around here is like 70%, and I don't have a dehumidifier

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  7. Thanks for this... It makes a lot more sense than everything else...

    Have you tried putting your plants in the dark before harvest though? If so, what did you find

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  8. The 2 we experimented with didn't really do anything except wilt as they really needed a drink mid way.
    If anything the 36 hours in the dark shortchanged them a bit. Plants build bud in Sunlight. The trichomes ripen on the surface in the Sun. Dark really doesn't do anything except force the change to flower.

    Light Cycles and Flowering Cannabis - Marijuana Growers HQ
    Here is one of the better explanations on the how and why an extended dark at the flip to flower works like it does. Gets a little technical but covers it well.

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  9. Thanks a million... Its nice when someone actually teaches you something rather than just stand behind what they're saying.
    Will give the article a read, always willing to learn more about growing.

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  10. I think seedman's white widow will get more frosty at cut time after a 1 or 2 week period of darkness.
    I never did try it, didn't make sense to me, but the breeder said so if I remember correctly.
  11. Precisely, it sends to plants into defence mode which makes them produce more trics

    Or well.. supposedly. I cant say ive had a noticeable difference to be honest, but i do stress them slightly late flower.
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  12. Stress them how?

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  13. That kind of stress won't make more trichs. That's called stoner science. Time to go back to botany 101
  14. Hence why i said supposedly.. and that ive seen no difference. Theres a few ways you can stress plants late in flower, which in turn makes them produce resin as its the plants defence mech.
  15. Oh I agree. But that takes time under light still in order for the plant to respond to the stress. Get the plants SAR up and she will out out more trichs. To a point. But should be done week 6/ 7 beginning so that it has time to reapond.

    To much stoner science gets thrown around imo. Treat it no different than any other plant that you grow for consistent and positive results.
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  16. I agree dude, i put stress on them at begining of week six.. for 7days and thats me done. Ive done the dark period a couple times, like i said i never saw any benefits from it at all.
  17. Out of curiosity and for the o.p. sake. What's your stress routine?
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  18. Dropping humidity to around 25/30%, heavy defol and drop temps to 15c at night. These all result in the plants kicking in their defense system which we all know is tric production.

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  19. Add a heavy aloe water drench at the same time. Aloe increases a plants SAR also. I also foliar mist it around this time. High fan and extraction for an hour or so after takes the moisture out quickly so no chance of bud rot. This is daily for that week for me. And usually onces a week otherwise. Very light mist
    Tho. Barely enough to make it drip.

    Another thing I am experimenting with is adding my hps for about an hour a day towards the mid of the light cycle. It's an additional 600w of power. Reg lights are 3500k QBs. (800w).
    Won't know till end of this cycle if it changes anything.

    Btw what strain is that. Wouldn't mind trying it.
  20. Yes ive done the aloe, didnt do it this run tho. Im not sure the hps addition will help? Maybe though, im interested to see. Im about to run a straight up hps vs qb comparative also so thats gunna be interesting.

    These are Jaffa Caked Cookies - FrostedLondonDank are the genetics...

    Its Tangie X Phantom Cookies, so theres grand daddy purple, tangerine dream and cherry pie? I think thats right. Theyve been a nice vigourous plant, easy to work with and look like a really heavy yield.

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