Am I ripe enough? Thricome help.

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  1. So here I have two plants, I will put one in this first post and another in the reply, I'd like to know what you guys think.
    This is my dark devil auto by sweet seeds.
    80 days from sprout
    Was hoping to have her down in the next few days but don't feel that she'll be fully ready then? Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-24-51.jpg Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-24-30.jpg Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-24-01.jpg Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-23-29.jpg Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-22-43.jpg IMG_20190620_151933456.jpg
  2. Next we have a dinamed CBD auto by dinafem. 81 days from sprout
    Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-28-19.jpg Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-27-09.jpg Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-26-49.jpg Sun%20Jun%2023%2013-26-29.jpg JPEG_20190617_111159~2.jpg
  3. I would say go one more week then start flushing
  4. Yeah, I'm struggling to decide where I'm at with that
  5. For both or?
  6. Actually going back and looking you can probably start flushing now. The top plant has a few amber pistols and the bottom plant is cloudy. I think they ready
  7. It’s on you though. Learning experiences and trial and error
  8. Your first one is very close; the second.... well, not so much.
    Relative terms? Yes.
    Autos? Yes.
    They'll do what they want whenever they decide....
    Best advice *I* can give if the trichomes don't amber up, is; "Listen to your plant".
  9. The dark devil auto has been having Ph'd water, no nutes for about 3 weeks, if I'm correct a proper flush is without ph'ing so if I start doing that maybe she'll get to where I want her
  10. Could you give your own opinion on time frame please? I mean the leaves are telling me to chop her but the thricomes just aren't there
  11. THEN DO IT.
    Seriously; if your plant is saying "I'm ready... then it is".
    Almost all of your trichomes are cloudy... you can't go wrong, now.
  12. This is my first grow and I'm a bit worried lol, hence all the questions
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  13. We ALL want definitive answers.
    I have two plants, outside, that are from the same exact packet as the ones I grew last year, indoors.
    THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE! I am in holding mode... just waiting to SEE what is going to happen.
    Week 10.JPG Same time frame.

    Waiting is. (R.H.)
  14. Damn they look nice, okay, guess I'll wait it out a little longer, thanks for the input!
  15. Last year, I waited... and I feel that I waited too long.
  16. Is it bad to partially harvest an auto? Do you know?
  17. Hey there UK, the ladies look great! I just did an experiment with early, regular, and late harvest on my last run. I harvested some at 5%, 25% and 45% amber. The 5% to me was very heady and nice (perfect for day use), but didn't last as long as the 25% did. The 25% was a more of an even high and lasted longer (If you know what I mean by even, head and body). The 45% are just ass kickers. Knocks me out everytime at night. Especially the indica dominant Royal Gorilla!

    Anyway, looks to me your creeping up at 5% on the Dark Devil plant and still all cloudy and a few clear on the CBD plant. Your good now either way it's just a matter of what you want out of your trich's.
    The purpose for growing and when to harvest is purely the growers choice. We can give you all the advice, but in the end it's for you and what you grow it for. You got this man! They look delicious!

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  18. Thanks for the help! Will keep that in mind, I shall let them both go a bit further towards the 25% mark! Thanks!
  19. Nooooo always give your plant ph water. If you haven’t been giving any nutes for 3 weeks then that means you’ve been flushing your plant for 3 weeks. From now on only flush when your pistols look like the top plant

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