Am I retarded or is my teacher retarded

Discussion in 'General' started by brody15, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I'm retarded, I know that, but what does this mean:

    dear student,
    the questions 44-65 are missing since were removed bec we will not have time to cover the cellular energy topic. for the participation points first 100 questions, question 66 wil be considered 44 and on

    I can't make heads or tails of this.

    I get that I should skip questions 44-65, but they aren't actually missing on the study guide I dont think.....

    OOoooh, I fuckin get it.... fuck you teacher....skip 44-65, but still do first 100 questions, just make question 66 question 44. How about take three minutes, and redo the study guide.
  2. what???????????? ive read this like 22 times and really dont understand.
  3. She wants you to fuck her.

  4. This.

    Like the tag btw aha
  5. 44 skipped over the teacher questioning the retarded student 65 study guide? Does this even relate
  6. Jesus, hope she doesn't kiss her mother with that mouth.
  7. Not just fuck her, but hate fuck her. She's trying to piss you off so you have to teach her a lesson.
  8. I should just kill her!!! HAHAHAHA.........oh wait, we can't make those jokes huh?

    She actually did remove the questions from the study guide, that tricky little whore with her whorish tricks.

  9. I would imagine she is saying

    As you answer the questions, continue in numerical order.

    Do not go from 43 to 66.

    Continue to number your questions as if 66 were 44.
  10. And she's a teacher??

  11. Put it in her corn hole...

  12. Sounds like she needs to be tied up and told how naughty she is, maybe even arrested to her bed and whipped oh i bet she likes it rough :devious:

    Maybe drip hot wax all over her and keep her dirty she doesn't get to clean because she's naughty right :devious:

    Do her over her own desk man whilst you whisper in her ear "you naughty little slut this will teach you a lesson."

    To much, did i go to far :p
  13. I feel like I saw this on pornhub earlier... Do you happen to go by the name 'Alexis texas' and really need an A in your class?
  14. HAHAHAha :D
  15. I got a boner. But that's it. I don't think you went far enough.:D

  16. I bet she looks good in leather and leg in's wait she's been way to naughty to ware her cloths right ;)

    put her on a leash that will teach her a lesson :devious:
  17. Maybe you will have to jizz your homework all over her face YEAH that will teach her oh yeah she's been naughty :laughing:
  18. Its sad how only like 2 of the responses are really related to the question.

    Dude you are retarded.

    It clearly states to skip questions 44-65. Why are you complaining about that? I use to enjoy when they said these things. Less test.

    Why are so many HS's asking questions lately...
  19. Oh yeah..


    ... What was that about going too far?
  20. To make you feel superior :cool:

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