Am I reddy for harvest? Pix included!

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  1. Hey yo!
    I'm groing two plants SoG and need advice on when to harvest.
    The plants are mainly sativa and have been flowering for 4 moths now.
    The older buds in the lower part closer to the net look reddy for harvest. They are all brown hairs but they never stopped branching out and I get new bud sites higher up all the time with fresh new buds starting to grow who are all white hairs. So I'm confused. Maybe I'm supposed to harvest twice?
    I made some trich shots. Hope they can help.

  2. id say um yes!!!!
  3. Did you take those trich pics under the flowering light? Best to take a snippet and examine it under magnification and under regular light -- the red flowering light can make everything look amber.

    Either way they certainly look cloudy. Go only by the trichs, not by the color of the hairs. If some buds are ready while others aren't you certainly can stagger your harvest.
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    Well what about all the white hairs?
    The first two trich pix are taken on sun light
    the other 3 are made under a desk light which resembles an HPS a little bit.
    Sorry didnt understand what you mean by this: " If some buds are ready while others aren't you certainly can stagger your harvest."
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    Wow, nice sativa, does it has a hint of the wood for smell ?

    My Romp19 that I am growing now has sativa in it as well, kinda resemble your buds, but they are much thicker in places, how many days you been flowering ?

    I see a lot of clean tricomes, I would not cut it, continue to grow it, then when you do harvest, cut the tops off and let the bottom grow up even longer for a 2nd harvest.

    Is there anyway you can move that light more away from the plant ? do you have space left ?
  6. Its 120 days in flowering. Dont really know about the smell. They don't smell that much. I have been thinking of making a second harvest from the lower part. Can't move the light. Its at its top. They outgrew my set-up. Didn't realise they wont stop growing during flowering.
  7. 120 days into flowering? wtf
  8. I was saying that yes, if some buds are ready while others are not, you can harvest only the ready ones and leave the others to continue maturing.
  9. Yea trics lookin amber
  10. are you 12/12 right now ?

    maybe you should do 10 ON, 14 OFF and then 8 ON, 16 OFF

    I had a sativa like that before, it grew and grew and it never much grew any buds, but that was years ago
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    switchridex\tas I said its a sativa. It flowers longer

    toastybiz I guess that means that trichs in the brown haired buds should be ok. Thats good to know now I can harvest half the plant and provide more space and light for the others. Thank you.

    polish_pothead yes I am 12/12. Im not sure how 10/14 and 8/16 is going to affect the plant. Can anybody else confirm that that will get it to flower more or something like that?
  12. I think this might work. I'll switch to 10/14 immediately. Thank you for the info!
  13. I understand your frustration, been there, done that too :- )

    And of course, don't forget to tell us how the high is.

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