Am i really being a cunt here? Could use some female input.

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    Now, i don't feel as though im being a twat here tbh. Maybe its just my mindset that doesn't see it that way, or whatever but yeah, help me out.

    Basically last night was my Girlfriend's birthday celebration thingy bob, she had a party with her friends the day before, didn't invite me. Fair enough, i wasn't too keen on hanging with her mates all night anyway.

    Now last night she decides to go clubbing for her birthday, due to a fuck up at work i haven't received my paycheque, so im cheeeeeep like the canary for the next few days. I told her i couldn't afford to go, but im planning something special in a week or so (Which i am. Basically taking her out for the day etc etc).

    So she happily goes off clubbing, then my mate Brend rings me up and asks if i want to go to the registry (Its a big pub/club thing) i say no im skint, he says please come ill buy you a few drinks. Fair enough i think, ill pay him back when i get paid.

    So i go, only there for a few hours.

    Now today my Girlfriend rings me up, asks me to come round. So i walk for an hour to get there (Cba to explain why i couldnt drive, diff story completely) then we're lieing on the bed (Ive only been round for 10 minutes max, literally just arrived) and i mention i went to the Registry. She fucking flips telling me to fuck off, get out, don't touch her etc etc. I try to kiss her on the cheek and she hit me in the face, so i say,

    ''Fine, ill fuck off. But once ive fucked off im not coming back.''

    I mean this as in going home, not Yo bitch yo ass is dumped.

    'Whatever, Harry.'

    So i go. On the way out her Dad tells me she told him she didnt even want me to go. Nice, right?

    Then she leaves me this fucking nasty email.

    Now obviously im a little biased, but am i being a cunt here?
  2. she's flipping because your boy invited you out and said he'd pay for some drinks for you because you didn't have the cash money to go out on her birthday to begin with? fuck that, she's overreacting to it all if you ask me.
  3. No offence, but she doesn't sound like the sharpest tool in the shed. Anyway, I don't think you were the one in the wrong. She sounds like she's taken something small and blown it way out of proportion for a really petty reason. Good on you for not lowering yourself to arguing over facebook and if she's going to keep being a bitch about it then I say you end it.
    Hope things work out for you, man.
  4. i dunno man, looking at from your girl's perspective, i could see why she's pissed. not all her friends came through, a shitty experience with an ex on her bday, and you ended out going with a buddy for drinks. she probably had a lousy time, and that just sealed the deal. all in all, i don't think you were in the wrong, but you should still make it up to her..that's how relationships are at times...confusing as fuck.
  5. What's the big deal about her birthday anyway?

    Idk, personally.. on my birthday.. I'd rather people didn'tttt give me presents, and I wouldn't be concerned about making people go out of their way to see me.. on that particular day!

    I agree that she's overreacting, since she must know you didn't do it to purposely diss her.. or have any idea what was going on with her friends and the two clubs.

    My only advice would be to explain why you were there. If she's still mad.. not your fault..

    Especially when you were planning something else for her.. that's super nice.. !
  6. I had something similar happen only it was with a friend not a boyfriend. Anyway turns out she was actually feeling really crap in her day to day life. She felt like none of us (the friends) were ever there for her when she needed us; she had been lonely and feeling abused for a really long time so she had built up her bday as her special day and then most of us flaked on her (not on purpose). Needless to say she lost her cool. I'm not saying she was right, because in all reality she was kind of an attention whore, but it's possible your GF is going through something like that atm.
  7. Fuckin' women need to learn to keep their mouthz shut, the onez who overreact about stupid shyt that is
  8. I'd say she's in the wrong.
  9. I can see how she would be upset-

    you just need to tell her you only went out because your friend offered to buy you drinks...

    although, why couldn't you just go to the club with her anyway even if you couldn't afford to drink?
  10. I think she was OK with you not coming out, but then got pissed about her friends not coming out for her birthday, and then took it out on you after she found out you ended up at the registry where (apparently) all her friends went instead. It's a bunch of stuff no one can help, but is really frustrating anyhow so she flipped on the wrong person.

    I think you should explain that your friend was buying, so you really didn't have a reason to not go out with him, and that you had no way of knowing that no one came out for her birthday (unless of course you realized that everyone at the registry should have been at the club).

    Also is she about to get her period? She sounds a little hormonal to me (but do NOT bring this up in conversation with her, you'll get hit ;)).

    EDIT: Also, maybe I'm misunderstanding, but why is she talking about her ex boyfriend?
  11. Spending most of my life living with females and having a girlfriend for 6 years I can see why she was upset. She prob felt let down by her friends and then found out you were having a good time with yours. That coupled with the whole bad birthday experience, and most likely like 10 other things to.

    I don't want to sound insulting, but with the girls I've known, when they blow up it is rarely because of one or even two things, its like a whole bad day/week.

    You really did nothing to deserve this much animosity from her. However, if you knew this girl for awhile you kinda should have seen this coming.

    She REALLY has to apologize to you for being an ass and you got to apologize for being insensitive...yeah it sucks :rolleyes: but that's a relationship.
  12. Say it with me now:














    If maybe you actually TALK to each other you might have a reasonable relationship.
  13. sounds like my ex, run while you still can haha
  14. This:smoking:
  15. i think your girlfriend is upset about a number of things that weren't right on her birthday, and she is channeling all of that frustration at you.

    did you know that elle was convincing other people to go to the registry? cause if so, i can understand how she could be a little bit justified in being upset.
  16. I had no idea that Elle was trying to divert people from her birthday thing, if i had i would've definitely not gone. I told Brend i didnt wanna go anyway but he came and picked me up and dragged me into the car, haha. I couldn't really tell him to fuck off, he was just being a good friend.

    And as for the long communication, this is the first argument we've had in forever, generally a very happy couple.

    I talked to her last night on the phone, shes still really pissed off with me.
    I even apologised and took the blame for the whole thing, even though i think shes unloading the whole shitty birthday on me..

    Didnt help.
  17. dude dump that bitch dont take that shit
  18. Yah i realise the whole dump that bitch mindset, but ive spent a year and a half with this girl trying to be a good guy.

    I used to cheat, and fuck around and generally be a twat. Now im actually a decent boyfriend, and i can't just ditch her because she fucks with me once.
  19. She's wrong for not letting up on it, unless of course you actually said the bolded part lol!
  20. Hahah. Ive resisted saying it! Its what i think, though.

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