Am I ready to transplant ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Dennyblln, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Is this ready to transplant if so what size pot before the final pot a 5 gallon bucket. also I have e used ffof since seedlings I know it's not greatest picture buy I have damage to one of the plants any help IMG_07971.jpg
  2. Yes you can replant now. Are you growing outdoors? Those clear pots usually aren't good for roots.
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  3. Yes outdoors and Ive heard that before what size pot next do u think
  4. Why not just straight into 5 gallons? I use to repot but honestly its become a pain in the ass.
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  5. Okay I just don want to stunt growth and have watering issues
  6. Water around the plant instead of the whole pot. Could just use clothe pots or add lots of perlite.
  7. Okay thanks ks any thoughts on the damaged one what could be causing this
  8. I don't see the damage. What happened? Plants already know how to grow and survive you are just trying to get the most and help it out.
  9. I use the peat pots that i just throw in my 5 gallon hoggers. They make all kinds of sizes of em.
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  10. I know bad picture but its white blatches and burnt crispy tip
  11. Probably clear up in a few weeks.

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  12. Too hot of soil is causing burnt tips.

    I would wait for more root development before a transplant.
  14. I figured so but now they seem to be growing normal agian I did the transplant last night i haven seen anything go wrong yet mind you that it was only last night i doubt I can see root shock or damage overnight
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