am i ready to harvest?

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  1. so its my first time harvesting and I'm getting hyped to where i want to cut it but i don't think the plant is ready yet. what do you think? I'm trying to get most of the trichomes cloudy for a pain relieving effect.

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  2. Invest in a pocket microscope if you haven't already. Also I'd personally let it go for another 4-7 days to ripen a little more.
  3. I have no money at all so buying a microscope is off the table. My plan is to wait till tuesday or wednesday but damn i really want it :bang:
  4. You don't need a microscope. Your camera zooms in well enough. I still see several clear trichs in some pics. And only a couple ambers. You've got some time left imo but it's getting close. Just keep looking at those trichs and chop when you see fit.
  5. Your real close check daily but like moose said 4-7 days

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  6. Pocket microscope is less than $20 i got one that clips on my cell phone for $12... but sure looks like they can use a week yet,,,
  7. Realy close to it. try to wait for 1 before taking them off. I'm using this guide for indoors growing .

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