am I ready to harvest? first grow.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by arends609, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Ehhh looks half amber to me??..But I'm not an expert grower.
  2. You talking about the trichs? Theres no way you can see them from those pics...

    Looks good though.
  3. Whats a trich and a half amber
  4. they are the things that contain the THC. I remeber a thread showing the different stages. Gimme a sec.


    best pic i could find quickly. Don't know where it went on GC, but I remeber seeing it.

    Clear - not full potency

    Cloudy - more euphoric 'heady' high

    Amber - more body high 'couchlock'
  5. ^^ Here's what you're looking for probably


    arends609: Invest in a microscope to check the trichomes (Check Radioshack)
  6. ty now i know
  7. ::*lol*:: ignore my post..:D:D
  8. congrats on a successful first grow ! + rep :) :smoking:
  9. i personally would give it another week or 2, then chop that peice down, dry, cure and blaaaaaaze :smoking:
  10. Thanks guys,
    Ill wait till sunday. Good enough?
  11. i'm bankin' on about another week or two...can't really tell without macro shots BTW>>>>how long have you been flowering...that to will also help b/c looks like you are working with a more sativa dominant strain. probably is about anywhere from a 10-12week flowering plant:D hope this helps and doesn't confuse, grow on;)
  12. I have been flowring for about 8-9 weeks.
    Yes it its a sativa.
    Thanks alot.
  13. looks good, i would personally leave it another 2 weeks as well. which strain is this? looks quite good :)
  14. Looking yummy, let them go another week or so like everyone said she will pack it on in the last couple weeks. Good job... choke with ya later..
  15. Ya... You still got a wile to go.... You made it this far dont give up yet....

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