Am I ready for hps? With pics

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    Hello every one i current have 5 auto fem La Divia's under my 1000w mh/hps i am running them on 600w running 18/6. The soil is ffof from seed using 3gl smart pots. My question is some of them are starting to flower this one pictured had pistols every where but no buds. Should i go ahead and swich it to hps and turn it up all the way or should i wait? Also what do you think about starting nutes now i have gh flora series. They say that the La Divia from seed to harvest only takes 45 days. The plants are currently 25days old. Thanks for all the help ill get more pics up as soon as i can thanks!!!
  2. yes. HPS is the way, just make sure to keep it far enough away not to burn em at first.
  3. Here is one of them that is flowering 25 days old. Are they ready to be fed?

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  4. you want us to just grow em for you?
  5. No this is my first grow iv spent hour's and hour's of reading i just dont want to fuck them up!
  6. You're ahead of my grow. I fed mine 1/4 str 4 days ago. The trick is doing light feedings. You don't have to saturate the soil when you feed them, I just drip fed by the stem until I was satisfied that they will get the nutes.
  7. ok i will start feeding mine tom. Hey i got a question about the heat i swiched my bulbs and put the hps in and turned it up to 1000w. Now i have a Heat issuse my temps are at 88 deg f. I have a air cooled reflector with a vortex 6" that is sucking 63 def f cooling it. The light is 32 inches away from the tops of the plant. The room temp is 70 def. when i had the mh runing 600w it was a stedy 72 def f. That 1000w horliux puts out a ton of heat lol. What should i do? is 88deg f to hot for the day? Should i raise the light all the way up? i maby have another 6 inches

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