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Am i paying The Right Price?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RollenDoobies, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I Smoke Once A Week.... I Get High To The Point Where A Painting Can Make Me Cry. I Call This Level 2 (Level 1 is low, And Level 3 Is Blown)

    I Pay 3-5 A Gram For Weed That Takes A Bowl To Get to level 2 (.3 Gram Bowls)
    I Pay 10 A Gram For Weed That Takes 6 Hits To Get To Level 2
    I Pay 15 Gram For Weed That Takes 3 Hits To Get To level 2
    I Pay 20 a gram For Weed That Takes One Hit To Get To Level 2

    I Hold My Hits For 2-5 Seconds.....

    Am I Getting a good Deal or a bad deal?

    Either Way, its worth the extra money (if im spending it) because my dealer is very safe, and available any moment. he also delivers.
  2. What in the holy fuck did I just read?!:cool:
  3. HAHAHA im right there too... i think he really wanted to get a good answer by givin as much info as possible but it just fucked me lmao.
  4. Are you a forensic scientist or something?You are waaay to complex with your weed man holy shit. Just fuckin buy a 20 gram of dank and smoke bowls to get to whatever "level" you want, and hold in your hits for 4-5 seconds.
  5. Is this mary j math class?
  6. This shit is hilarious
  7. Yeah those are better prices than I get.
  8. I'm high bro so I can't really help you right now...WTF?!?
  9. bro this shit is like a fucking logic puzzle on a state test or some shit
  10. depends where you live. prices vary greatly from region to region
  11. Lmao wait what.
  12. I understood it like a boss. :cool:

    You are getting good prices. Only buy the 20 a Gram one. One hit and blast off.

  13. Northeastern Ohio.....
  14. omg.. i just got so confused....

  15. How Many Hits Of Weed That _YOU_ Pay $10 For Take To Get You High?
  16. It depends where you live...where i live its $10 a gram for ANY weed...sometimes u get some one hitter for $10 some time i get shwag....but i usualy only get dank or high mids
  17. #17 Mogwai, Aug 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2011
    That was a strange read.. But those prices aren't bad at all. And if you got a good dealer who's reliable and is down to deliver there's no need to drop him. It's always good to have backups though if you can


  18. Not trying to bash on you, but most of us dont buy just $10 worth. Since your buying on the street, your going to get whatever weed your dealer(s) have or none. So it really depends for you on what type of weed you get. But since you want our opinion, if its schwag, then about 3-4 bong snaps and im faded. With dank, about 3-4 bong snaps and im flying.

    Oh and btw, you pay $3-$5 for a gram of weed that takes you one bowl to get high (or level 2 goddamnit), but then you pay $10 for a gram of weed that takes you 6 hits to get high? (motherfuckin lvl 2)!?

  19. I Was Just Stating The Options.... i Usually Go With the $10 or $15 Dollar Range.... Because Its Avaliable 24/7
  20. to be honest i wasnt gonna check out this thread but my mouse went over it and i read levels. honestly im so fucking confused :smoke:

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