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Am I paranoid or is this weird?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Fukm, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So I'm out walking my dog and I pass by a cop who is driving down the street. He's just STARING at me as he drives by. So I get back to my street and there's that same cop parked right next to my house.

    As soon as he sees me he turns on his car and speeds off. Leaving me like WTF. I knew it was the same cop, I saw his face.

    Anyone else think this is weird?
  2. Yea pretty weird I'd say. You don't have any reason to be on there radar?
  3. No, I don't know why I'd be on their radar other than the fact that I smoke, but I'm careful
  4. Maybe he has a crush on you :)
  5. Have you by chance made anyone want to get you into any trouble?
  6. Definitely strange, man.

  7. That's what it is :rolleyes:

  8. I don't think so :confused_2:
  9. Thats kinda strange if you ask me.Just keep anything you have in a good spot.I havent a clue man.Maybe someone thought you were a burglar and the cop drove by you and your house to check on it.Still doesnt make much sense though.
  10. Tell him to get the FUCK off your property next time
  11. Go out and give him a coffee and a donut next time he's outside.
  12. maybe he thought you were a gigolo
  13. So the cop was at your house before you even got there? Did he see you walk out of your house? How far away from your house were you when he drove by you?
  14. If the law was watching you, more than likely you wouldnt know it.
    He was fucking with you to see your reaction. Thats what cops do..

    Get stoned and dont worry about it.
  15. Yes the cop was there before I got back to my house, and he didn't see me until I was probably 3 streets over
  16. That is strange...keep an eye out.
  17. Most likely, but it freaked me out lol
  18. Maybe it was just coincidence him driving off like that? You never know, maybe he didn't even see you and was leaving anyway after scoping the area for something completely unrelated.

    Don't worry man. If you don't post again for a couple months, I'll know why, and I'll smoke one for you haha :)
  19. You shoud have asked him is he needed something like directions.

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