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    I’ve been growing these babies for about two months now and for the little 1 it’s been about a month[​IMG] this Plant I top/pinched[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] just not sure if I did it right lol this being my first grow I kinda started off bad first it was over watering then it became Sun burn and then It was Nute Burn and I’ve been phing it down to like 6.5 not actually but around that PH but is this plant showing and def. where the bud sites are to me I feel like it’s to yellow and I notice on the bottom some of the plants where pure yellow [​IMG]

    Now this baby did not get top/pinched but I was thinking about it I just didn’t wanna mess this one up had I done the other plant wrong I’ve only noticed a few little twisted leaves and the bud sites aren’t as yellow and some edges are getting rusty looks as if they got bite burn but I can’t tell at this moment...

    This is the youngest the bottom leaves are confusing to me and I don’t think I should worry about them bc it’s not new growth but at the same time i need to stay aware of what’s happening on the bottom it has some yellow leaves just like the first plant ..

    My Very last of the last thoughts
    1 when seedlings are growing and when they stretch it’s because the aren’t Absorbing to much like right? So if that’s the case if I keep the lights off will I get the same effect ?
    2~ All my plants can reach 2-8ft how do I increase the height before the buds start growing

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  2. It's doing fine from what I see. Expect lower leaves that don't get much light to yellow, it's normal.

    First grow using cfls.
  3. Are you saying you want your plants to stretch? That's not normally desirable for indoor growing since the light becomes less effective if it's coming from the top of the tent usually. You would need lots of side lighting (maybe high wattage CFLs) if you are aiming to have a tall plant with the lower branches having decent buds I think. Most people do LST and top during veg to spread out an even canopy of many tops so that the lighting from the top of the tent can give the bud sites optimal light for the amount of horizontal space the light can cover.
  4. Yep as dude above said in grow tents lst is best in my opinion... go for an even canopy especially with LED here's a pic of mine I just put into flower and have been tying down to keep even [​IMG] next watering I'm probably gonna do a few things different to her but you get the idea I tie down the stems or like im doing on my other plant I flex the stems back and fourth until they start to break on the inside and sit at an angle [​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. I wouldn't take light away. It would probably just give you problems. Plants like light so give it to them. It should stretch more when you flip the lights for flowering.

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  6. move that light MUCH closer and get rid of those cfl's. You dont want your plant to get tall....
  7. Nothing wrong with using CFL as sidelight especially come flower the more the better... but he definitely needs to reposition it so the bulbs are around the plant not just hanging up like that all useless like.. imo of course no hate it's just with three plants he's going to need all the sidelighting he can get

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  8. Supercrop stress makes em perform

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