Am i out of bounds with wife,gf room mate??

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    Im a 44 year old guy with a wife and three kids. Last year my wife took off with the kids(dog too) to another state 400 miles east and left me with my underwater mortgage. We had been on the rocks for a minute and that made it that easy for her to skyup after 6 years of an ok somewhat marriage. Never cheated while living with her always faithful. 1 year plus time goes by,2 divorce threats,and constant bickering I decide to move on emotionally for piece of mind. No pussy in a dayum long time I stroll in pharmacy to pick up meds and cashier girl ,young ,25 Hellas cute red bone slips me her digits. We would see each other every often but I was out of pocket for a while so the phone# was to keep track of . I take a few days to consider this shit bc I'm still marride. I call,we hook up,dinner at my house,little wine,booty massage,pussy eating, she is now ready to fuck on the 1st hookup...dayum! This hot shit goes off and on for about 5 or 6 months until she comes up pregnant.I used rubbers for a while but stopped and when no rubber I didn't cum at cum no baby right? Just gave her orgasms. So happens during one of our hiatus moments she got herself a boyfriend and got prego. That relationship fell off before she new. Prego came back digging on me for about 3 weeks till morning sickness kicked in. Oh yeah she knew I was married and thats why she got her a guy on the side but that guy was a bum lol. So after a few test it was confirmed the baby was not mine and I had to end the affair and move on and of coarse she was pissed. I promised prego my wash/dryer upon my home sell witch happend the same week but I chose to just deal with her dope smoking roomate gf. Didn't want to keep communicating with prego in order to keep shit from getting too ugly. Roomie was cool but had 2 kids herself and in middle of a divorce. We talked for a minute until I delivered the wash/dryer. Roomie schemes on prego to get me to give her the appliances bc she was envious of how good I use to treat prego and thought it wasn't fair she wasnt gettin none. When all was done I wanted celebrate my home sell by buying roomie dinner mainly to keep tabs on prego. Roomie thought I was trying to make a play for her and told prego to further bust us up but I told roomie not to get it twisted. It wasn't like that besides I thought prego was more my type before she got knocked and I wasn't feeling roomie like that. So Roomie got a little pissed and I think it was her intent to hurt prego bc she was jealous prego had more game and the job,car,and apt plus me and my financial help I was her maintenance man always fixing shit lol roomie is a little glad that they both in the same boat..broke,jobless with kids and 1 on the way. Prego quit her job cause of the pregnancy...big mistake I told her.Meanwhile I'm back rolling with wifey. Still working shit out but after having the scare of a possible baby on my lap during our separation would have totally fucked me up worst then your best hydro. Do you think I was out of bounds with this affair and should I have stayed with prego even though her baby daddy split on her refuses to kick in help until the baby born????He probably thinks its mine cause he constantly accused her of cheating and she was ....with me. Their shit is off my hands and I got out having left nothing on the table but a little emotion and a sigh of relief......I can get over that.:hello:
  2. i need half naked pictures of the room-mate before i can make a decision,
  3. wait... what...
  4. Guess it's hard to type with that many fingers.
  5. No purpose in thinking about it. What ever happened happened so izz all goood.
  6. got half way, not really sure what i read. is the kid yours?
  7. so your wife left you, you possibly knocked some other chick up, and you and your roomate are fucking. but now your back with your wife? sounds like youve dug a really deep hole.

  8. That must be it because I couldn't even follow it....and I read it start to finish a couple times (I think?!

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