Am I On Their Radar?

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  1. Yesterday I was in my car, sitting at a stoplight and I lit a cigarette. About 15 minutes later, I get a call from my mother saying the cops were at my house. Someone had saw me lighting the cigarette and thought it was a bowl. They reported my car description and license plate. I wasn't home at the time the cops came over but they tried to get out of my mom my location. So they could give me a DUI. But she didn't tell them...

    So, they said I'm on their "list" of cars to look for and follow. But I think that it BS to scare me. I kind of think they are doing this to ruin my prom and the end of my senior year. And because they figured my mother didn't know I smoked.

    But, what do you guys think? Should I now drive in the car for awhile? What risk am I running now?
  2. wow wish you could bitchslap whoever called you in for that

    how stupid

    lay low for a couple days, don't smoke in ur car, you'll be fine, i doubt they'll make it an investigative matter lol
  3. I know I know. People in my city absolutely can't mind their own business. If you see someone in a car lighting something, you call the cops on them? Even if you're not 100% sure what it is? Fucking people..
  4. Thats High-larious.
  5. Seriously though, that person needs to get a life. What did they even think it would have accomplished. My opinion, a boat load of nothing. Snitches and talkers get stitches and walkers. So here's the deal, you find out who it is, go get a 6 pack, then kick their ass. Or just put bologna on their car if your a pacifist.
  6. OMG look hes smoking a cigarette. We should call the cops because he looks like he might do drugs.

    Some people just need to mind their own fucking business.

    Also no i don't think your on their 'list' because i doubt they even have one.

    Why would they care?

    They have no reason to believe your doing anything illegal
  7. The only thing you have to worry about is that piece of shit society of yours. Who the hell calls in for that.
  8. Awesome. I'm glad to know I am potentially safe. Hopefully.

    What kind of girl would call the cops for this sort of thing?
  9. The decadence of society, at its finest moment.

    That's brutal, Ras. Probably just scare tactics, like everything else the government does to try and keep control.

    I think that everything is so surreal, like in a dream, and that I will wake up into a conscious reality where everyone exists in peace and harmony, or at least a very different existence than what we are living now. But no, it cannot be so...

    Well, fuck the police, as usual.
  10. I wouldnt worry. I doubt they're gonna use resources to keep an eye on you so they can catch you driving under the influence.

    What you should have done is as soon as you heard the cops were at your door you should have driven straight over to them or to the police station and asked them why they were paying you a visit. You would have been sober and they would see you right away and it would have been all over then.

  11. At first you referenced "They" Then you referenced "Girl" sounds like you know who tipped them off.. You must have pissed off an ex gf or something..
  12. As said, I wouldn't worry...

    But, just on the off chance they do have this ridiculous list, I'd probably avoid burning in the car for a while, and try not to carry anything in it unless there's a real secure spot to hide it in.

    Best of luck man, I'm blown away that this shit even happened.
  13. Who told you this your mother or the cops? Cause i smell a scare tactic! But the truth of that matter is. IF you do you a crime YOU do the time! anti-snitching 101.
  14. Yeah if you suspect your mother of trying to scare you I would go straight to the police department and ask if they were there to see you. You cant get in trouble for doing that. If they say that they were not actually at your house you can tell your mom that her scare tactic failed because you went to the PD and asked.
  15. I think it's time to nuke Minnesota, if cops are at your house because someone saw you using a lighter to heat up tobacco until it started burning.
  16. People in your neighborhood are humungous cunt sacks
  17. I agree with this.

    If you're worried about it, dude - know your rights, don't travel with anything illegal for a little bit, and for Christ's sakes don't even think of driving under the influence.

    They might stop you if they're real assholes, but show them you don't have anything to hide. Stay polite and courteous, but still exercise your rights if you need to.
  18. A Jesus freak of this sort, maybe:

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    hahah thats a bitch thing to do
    its not illegal to smoke cigarettes in your car so keep doing it. just dont have any weed in your car and dont smoke weed in your car. a car that smells like weed is a redflag.

    you could go to the department and clear your name. say you were just lighting a cig. but your mom resisting to give your location away is a redflag.

    if the cops do pull you over, you havent done anything wrong. just be cool. if they try to hold you, ask them if your free to go and all that crap. you dont even have to talk to an officer, if he pulls you over you just have to give him what he wants (id and stuff) and sometimes a yes or no question. (you been drinkin? - no sir)
  20. How the fuck do you confuse lighting a cigarette with lighting a bowl? I call bull.

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