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  1. I started a few random seed I'd been colecting, long story short I've got a "cute" little raised bed/box and reasonably exclusive very easy acess to some high southfacing clearcuts. I don't have alot of faith in the seed, all but 1-2 of 10 look sickly and the 2 that don't seem small although I have no idea how big they should be this time of year? I just put em in towel in a plastic box before I'd read anything or realy thought things through. I'm a heavy smoker so they've defintly been exposed to nicotine, read that was bad. I can and will get clones for the box, and use the seedlings for "experiments" in some off site. My raised bed is 20"X40"X12" deep above the sidewalk and 16"X40" for another 6-8" down to my houses perimiter drain and drainrock 18+ inches deep oveall. My dirt is 6 bags plus 1/3 recycled soil that was there, the dirt that was there seemd to have peat dry light and fluffy. 1/3 is 3 bags "black earth" also nice and light fuffy but balck as the name sugests claiming "high in organic matter". The last third was a local outdoor "sterilized" potting, soil wet, lumpy, and i'm not sure how it's sterilzed and had clumps of moss and green weeds at the botom of the bag and a noticed too late "osmicote" "feeds plants up to blah, blah..." Is that a problem? If it is I'll consider emptying it and starting again. lastly for now Im at 49ish deg. N hows my timing working out, I know its a vague question but I'm vaugly concerned? I can control water, temperature/rain, preadators and light if nesicary from what I understand thats a good foundation right? I do have a few restrictions with suplies, qty., aperance, money, etc but even a sugestion I can't/dont use is still apreciated

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