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Am I okay?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cattillett, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys first post here. I was totally clean up until last Monday when I split a bowl with my cousin. Then Tuesday I took two more rips. Tuesday afternoon I get a call from the office that we were getting randoms thursday afternoon. Immediately I freaked out. Switching to water immediately. I know water does nothing but I wanted my best shot. I work for a big firm and it hasn't tested in two years and I figured I was okay but it sends test to the lab. Wednesday I drank wuite a bit of water but not so much that I just couldn't drink anymore. (trying to keep from being dilluted) A friend recommend a detox drink. I knew the owner of the store that sold the drink and asked if he thought it worked. He said monthly people come in like clockwork and buy them. I bought one and did a search online for a review of the product but was unsuccessful. The box the drink was in was red and light blue and said DETOX on the front. Thursday morning I drank quite a bit of water with a couple gatorades mixed in. I took a B12 to add color to my urine and drank the detox word for word with the lable. About 45 minutes before the test I took an at home drug test and passed which raised my confidence quite a bit but I'm so scared the lab will see more. I'm worried to death I'm going to lose my career! So how long till i can stop worrying? I took the test thursday afternoon and it's Tuesday night now and still no call saying I failed. I'm 5'8 175 pounds. Thanks guys I know you get these ?'s all the time but I have 0 college and can't afford to lose my job.
  2. Shoulda bought fake pee...
  3. If it's a big company then it will take time too get through all that piss. The machines are only so fast. Also if the first test comes out positive then a second test is performed on the sample to verify the results. Each step is another chance for the tech to drop the sample or something else to mess up the test. The company may also retest with a new sample which puts more time between when you last smoked and the test date. At least that how it was in the military.

    No news is good news. Tomorrow you will see a security team walking towards you, you freeze knowing they are coming for you.... they walk right past you and arrest your Stupidvisor for cocaine use..... Perfect day!
  4. If you correctly used the detox drink you should be fine!
  5. So think by next Monday I should be in the clear?

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