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am i ok?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jamc1991, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. i just cleaned my pipe with 99 iso alcohol and right after i smoked a bowl
    and now im higher than ever. and im scared this iso shit is gonna hurt me since i smoked it. Am i ok?
  2. the point of cleaning with alcohol is it's supposed to evaporate away after dissolving the resin. I doubt you could "smoke" alcohol, if you did get it to burn I'm 99.9999% sure you'd taste it, and you'd probably cough like you're dying. You're just high, relax and enjoy it

    also, people use iso to make hash, they just make sure it's all evaporated away first. when you clean your piece just rinse it a couple times after the iso and you're fine
  3. chill, youre ok
  4. I did taste it, and i coughed for like 5 minutes, but every hit after that is fine.

    But i think im just high and paranoid
  5. Could be possible you're getting a better high because the pipe is CLEAN LOL.
  6. Ohh shit. I never even thought of that. Im laughin so hard now. Thanks man.

  7. yup. less resin/gunk in pipe = smoother, cleaner hit. less THC gets stuck to the pipe, more THC goes into your lungs.
  8. Haha, you are more than ok, you are baked! :smoking:
  9. alcohol fumes won't do you any harm even if you did smoke them.
  10. haha once my roommate had alcohol sitting in his bubbler to clean it. i assumed it was water, packed it and took a hit. that was terrible. i dont advise that. haha. but yeah, youre fine.
  11. Oh my sweeet lord. this thead is fuckin funny.
  12. You'll know in about an hour. If you've got iso poisoning first your vision will dim, then you'll feel sick, then you'll die convulsing on the floor, blind and vomiting.*

    I'd just smoke another bowl :smoking:

    *You're fine. I'm kidding.
  13. haha yea im fine now. I was pretty baked indeed.

    it was also some better weed than im used too. Normally around here all we get is shwag/low mids. And i never see alot of trichs. But i just split a 3gram nug i got in half and it has trichromes all in the inside.

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