Am I Off Their Radar?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ambien, May 15, 2010.

  1. Well me an my friend got pulled over 4-5 weeks ago packing a
    bowl by an undercover SUV. We got cuffed and put in his car, and he complimented the craftmanship of my friends home made pipe, and proceded to turn on his Beatles CD. He said we'd get a call soon about the court date, but we haven't heard anything. It's been almost 5 weeks and I'm beginning to think he just smoked all my weed and forget about it he was so high. My brother said I'm off the hook and it mustve been scare tactic. What do you guys think? Am I off the hook?
  2. Dude he admired your friends pipe and played the Beatles.

    I think you may be in the clear. Did he fill out paper work?
  3. I would say yes. Not all cops are dicks, and was probably scaring you for the better good (learn you lesson and don't smoke in cars, or in sketchy places at least).

    I'm sorry you lost your pipe and weed though :(
  4. is there another completely different thread with exactly the same name as this one or have i finally lost my mind?

    oh, wait...

    (when you see it)

  5. Theres another post that says, am i on their radar?
  6. No, silly blowfish! The other one is asking if he is ON their radar :cool: This one is asking if he is off it.
  7. He can file a charge at any time w/ in the statute of limitations.

    I'd say hopefully you're right, but don't drive around smoking anymore just in case.
  8. Fuck my life. How unlucky is this? I just now got my court order goddamnit there goes my summer..
    Could we get charges dropped since it tooK a fucking month to get?
  9. Ouch....and no I don't think time has anything to do with that.

    Anyone else see how OP jinxed himself?
  10. Lolol. I'm glad I didn't post because I assumed this was that thread without reading the OP again.
  11. *does a touchdown dance with a penalty flag on the field*
  12. fucking nice op

    you got busted by a hippy cop

  13. Flawless :laughing:

    Seriously man this dude totally jinxed himself.

  14. Well whatever happened, that guy smoked all your weed.

  15. Nope, that is about the regular time it takes to get a summons, took like 2 and 1/2 months to get mine!

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