am i missing something?

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    i have fungus gnats.
    are these spots from the gnats or am i missing something?
    Anubis autoflower fem
    my other three plants aren't affected this bad but they have some of the same spots.
    50 days from sprout
    600watt HPS cool tube
    18" away
    79F lights on
    66 F lights off
    35-60% humidity
    5 gallon smart pots
    30% HappyFrog 30% Light Warrior 40% Perlite
    given little nutes. some cal mag and some grow fertilizer at 1/2 strength a couple waters.
    6.8 PH water, run off was 6.7 last water.
    not ready for a water yet, so i did a light spray of Gonat from my local hydroponic store on the leaves and all over the top soil two days ago.
  2. I always leave a mason jar filled with apple cider vinegar it attracts em and drowns em and some insects stay away from the area because of it

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  3. it showed calcium deficiency at week 4, i fed it 6ml of cal mag every other watering about three times. i threw in about 3ml of BioThrive Grow from general organic hydroponics, recommended start dosage is 5ml, some of the feedings. i haven't fed her much.
  4. Cal/mag deficiency. The longer it's been in that soil, the hungrier it will be, but they use more calcium and magnesium in flower, Get pH in range...6.3 - 6.7. Always let them dry out to nearly feather light on lifting container before watering again and give them killer good light (the key to getting any real yield from a plant). Go ahead and run your light 24/0 since light patterns don't affect auto strains. More light gets more growth.
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  5. are you sure it's calcium deficiency and not gnat damage?..
  6. Plant some garlic in with your plant pots helps with bugs dosent destroy taste
  7. I agree with ww looks like a cal issue
  8. Get gnatrol. Got like an ounce for $10 on Ebay. I had fungas gnats, and they seem to only eat the roots. So them eating the roots could end up causing a deficiency. I never had issues like that though. WHile I was waiting for the gnatrol to come in the mail, I saw a slower growth and the plant went a little bit yellow. Not brown and yellow. But 1 hour after the Gnatrol, I never had them again! I used I think 4 table spoons for 1 gallon of water as that is recommended for heavy infections. I never had them back since, and I also hang yellow sticky tape around. I do not like the apple cider vinegar trick as it really stinks up the room..
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