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am I messing up my body

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by loudinmywhitegrape, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Hi I'm 18 and last night head like 12 friends over, we smoked 2 eighths all blunts smoked 2 black n milds smoked a pack of squares drank 2 fifths of henny and a gallion of grey goose, is this horabale for my body?
  2. Yes..don't drink often and stop smoking tobacco
  3. Moderation is key... Spelling is also key. But you'll be fine. I have had way worse nights.
  4. It's not horrible for your body as long as you don't let that become a daily thing. Eat a good breakfast this morning and go for a run. When you have a night where you treat your body bad the next day treat it good.
  5. Wouldn't make a habit out of it. Wont be good for you if you do.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  6. Both the tobacco and the heavy drinking are quite damaging to the body.
  7. What's even worse is your spelling...
    But yes that is all bad for your body, but it's quite easy to control with moderation, proper eating, working out, etc.
  8. 2 fifths and a gallon between 12 people doesn't sound like much liquor to me at all. I drink a quart (two fifths) to myself on an average night out on the town.
    That being said that amount of tobacco obviously isn't good to you.
  9. If your spelling is telling me anything, your brain cells are screaming for a break.

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    :bongin:  now smoke a bowl for me
  11. Sounds good to me 
  12. horror bale 
  13. Holy shit, my band used that pic on the flyer for our first show lol.
  14. don't get too cross-faded lol, and tobacco is shit for your lungs so quit it. 
    Are you asking us if TOBACCO and ALCOHOL is bad for you?  :huh:
  16. Fuck u faggot ^

    Name-calling / disrespect is not tolerated here for any reason. - doinYODA
    Calling me names is not going to help. Who am I after all, just a dog on the net. You should think about your question, and if you are that seriously worried about it, stop doing it or ask a doctor. What were you expecting, me to come here and say oh yeah man haha great drink alcohol maybe down some rum with a beer, it's does wonders for your body :confused_2: ?-
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     Sounds like a 13 yr old sneaked into the city and doesn't like the answers he is getting.
    OP I give you 2 yrs and you will likely be dead because you are just going to go to excess and die. The grass won't kill you but everything else will.
    Make momma proud and keep doing exactly what you're doin'.
  19. Godamn it thats what i was gonna say
  20. Natural selection at it's finest. Keep doing what you're doing my man.

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