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am I messing up my body

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by loudinmywhitegrape, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Hi I'm 18 and last night head like 12 friends over, we smoked 2 eighths all blunts smoked 2 black n milds smoked a pack of squares drank 2 fifths of henny and a gallion of grey goose, is this horabale for my body?
  2. not if its casually done. Don't worry about it, but definitely don't make that routine your lifestyle.
  3. Very horabale
  4. A gallon of grey goose yourself!? Plus Henny!? Booze is horable but that much is pretty horable! You need some self control and moderation!
  5. Dude, you made this same thread early. What's your goal?
  6. I'd be more concerned about your education more than anything, considering the way you spell...
  7. Between 13 people, I'd bet you did no "horrible" long term damage.

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    holy FUCK. How is that not messing up your body? Shit are you trying to challenge Keith Richards or something? Oh, oops i didn't see that this was spread out between 13 people, you're fine then bruh.
  9. i wake up. make money. pound as much drugs as i can. wake up and do it all again. does that sound bad?
  10. Why are you worrying about your body? If I were you, I'd be worried about your brain... jesus man... horabale? 
  11. "Hi I'm 18" always makes me doubt. Lol.

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    Should've posted this before you had that night. Obviously it's done its damage

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  13. Your spelling is horable
  14. Watch out for duplicate threads.

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  15. "Hi I'm 18! Does anyone know how to get marijuana in middle school?"


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