Am I lst right?

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  1. I'm new to all this and love my girl and don't want her hurt. Am I doing this right?

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  2. I like to top mine then after the two tops are growing i bend her over but many do it just like you looks totally fine bro...
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  3. Will topping risk turning even Feminized seeds into hermes? Space is not a issue, I could grow it 4-5 feet no issue. But I want to maximize yield and maybe take a few cuttings.
  4. of course topping wont hurt your plant ,,,every one (well nearly every one tops their plant) it will not cause it to hermie or ant thing else ,it'll just make more sides shoots to grow better ,and make plenty shoots for taking cuttings from ,,,mac,
  5. Plants are resilient if every plant died or hermied everytime an animal took a bite from the top of the plant they would cease to exist done at the right time topping barely slows a plant down, only time i have had hermie issues was from marginal genitics and a light leak, it really depends on what style of lst you are going for i like to top- train, top -train etc. Until i have a nice even growing plant with plenty of tops, or once i have her going in several directions put her under the scrog screen.., have a look around once you see a style you like stick with it... good growing..,
  6. If its a auto do not top if it's a photo I'd top her off

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  7. Thanks alot man. I was worried about her.
  8. One more question. Where should I cut when topping? I've read alot and I mean alot. But some of this stuff doesn't sink in without seeing it.

    Oh. And is she ready to be topped?

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