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Am I Looking For Weed The Wrong Way?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by StickyDro, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Okay, here's my situation. I just got my first paycheck, and this is going to be the first time I've smoked in over a month. No one I used to know still sells, so I hit up some people I know that do know where to get weed.
    I offer them a smoke up and gas money but they're still not replying/acting like they want to help. What can I do to get people to help me find weed? It's not like I'm buying a G or something small to where I won't be sharing. I'm trying to share with people and make some new friends, but no one seems interested. I'm even offering to hook them up with half a tank of gas for the small trip they'd be making, plus a smoke up.  Either they're ignoring me, or just don't feel like looking for someone else.
    Can anyone offer me some tips to find weed? There's really no social places in my area, or hangout spots, so that's out of the question. There's not a good place to "find a fellow stoner" so It really just seems like the almighty weed gods just don't want me to smoke weed again.

  2. Walk around asking people who look like they would blaze where the weed at

    Ask friends of friends of friends. 

    Ask friends who smoke weed where they get it at.

    There's really nowhere to walk around here, and you rarely ever see people just walking around my town. I live in a giant, low populated town.
    I've been asking friends of friends, and they don't act like they want to help. I'm offering a fat blunt between me and them for doing it, plus 20 bucks gas money, and I get no reply. It's really frustrating. No one takes dealing out here seriously. Everyones just dicking me around.
  4. Damn, sounds beat man. Do any of your friends smoke? Do you know anyone that smokes regularly? 

    Do you live anywhere near a more populated town? 
    I have very few friends that smoke right now. My one close friend is locked up at the moment. The closest populated town is like 30 minutes away driving. I'm not about to walk out there to get bud. I live in a fucking dead town with no serious dealers out here. The only dealers are kids that trying scamming you every chance they get with the whole "Yeah let me take off with your money and I'll be back in 10". 
  6. damn, i would of already had ya smoked out!
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    Damn if you had hit me up you would have had weed an hour ago lol.

    That's a shitty situation though...

    are you calling or texting them? Because i know people that don't like to talk weed over text message and they prefer to be called. or maybe they're legitimately busy.
  8. Sounds like you are in a bad situation then my friend. Guess you'll just have to keep pestering the people who seem too lazy to do shit for you.

    Half a gas tank and being smoked up is so worth it. I don't understand why nobody is willing to help you, that's fucked up. 
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    Gay Double post
  10. It anything a smoke up and a half tank is too much. Keep looking the weed WILL find you, be confident in that :smoking:

    If all else fails there is always the hidden web :)
  11. No offense but its kinda annoying when people hit me up for a ride to their dealer, even if I get gas money or smoked out. Being asked for a ride anywhere out of my way is a bit annoying, but im still a nice guy and do it anyways(depends on the situation though)
    Try hitting them up for just a connect, not a ride or offering them anything. Good luck though!
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