Am I living the mens 20s dream ?

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  1. Firstly, I would like to apologize if my story if fucked up cuz I'm stoned right now.So, theres this milf (39 years old and I'm 21) i found on a relationship website. She is quite fit, her ass is just perfect.I started talking with her like 5 days ago and i banged her 2 times since. She can squirt, she loves anal, she likes giving head and she is horny all the time. I even texted her this morning and she told me she got wet texting lol.The cool thing about this girl is that she wants me lol. She keeps texting me and moving her schedule to find time for me haha. She definily wants the D.Am I living the men's best dream and not realize it ?
  2. Yes brother Man & when you're mad stroking her do it in remembrance of all of our fallen comrades.. victim to a milfless life.

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  3. ehh maybe if she was a model but there's way better mid 20 year olds
  4. ehh i've fucked a few sexy ass 30-35 year olds and i'm only 20... i wouldn't call it a 20 year olds dream...  but good for you man
  5. yes brother. having sex with 39 year old women with kids is every mans dream. fuck a good job, good friends, or anything else
  6. I know that feeling man. The majority of woman that I fuck are cougars. They go crazy for the cock, don't play games and know what they want.

    Omega369 :wave:
  7. Been there, done that.

    Milfs are fun for sure though.
  8. Lmfao. Remember the fallen
  9.  I tried to get with a single milf next door during my days of being on huge doses of drugs.  After I became clean now I think it's pretty embarrassing how I came on to her lolol
    Now every time I see her I can't even look at her and say hi, most awkward feeling ever.
  10. You can do that all your life, but how often in your life can you fuck 18 year olds?
    Living the dream
  11. Wow Op .. I've been there before .. All i can say is prepare to get your ballz drained bcuz milfs will fuck you til your completley dry .. like Whoa!!
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    I don't have that feeling.... i would have been better off fucking girls younger than me when im under 18..... but now i don't have that chance anymore..... urggh....
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    I'm going to go against the grain here and say no man, your not living the dream. Now as long as you enjoy where your at and what your doing, then fuck her brains out in every which way you can imagine. This is a good thing and you should enjoy every second of it. But is it the dream? No. The dream would be to have a new gorgeous young girl showing up at your door whenever you please and providing for your every need with the snap of a finger. Now this isn't entirely realistic but what I'm saying is that things can always be better than they are right now. 
    Don't be a friend of complacency. This woman knows whats up, and she knows that she is 39 years old and her biological clock is ticking away. Her sexual value is only decreasing from this point on. Your a young 21 year old man! Why not have some 18 year old girl who will do the same? You have a lot of years left in your life where you will be able to bang women in their 30's,Yet the number of years where 18 year old cuties will still view you as a viable option is steadily decreasing. Use you time wisely.   
  14. Hopefully you'll be able to get rid of this crazy bitch when you get tired of her bullshit.
  15. Tbh milfs are awesome on occasions but I wouldnt wana get involved romanticly with her. I dont know know if youre dating her or just bonin her but either way I still prefer girls my age. So your not living my dream but hey that the beauty of the american dream. Its what makes YOU happy if this is what makes you happy then good for you man Im glad for ya cause Im still chasing my dreams.
  16. Depends who's sleeping my dude.

    Keep doing what your doing and don't fuck up.
  17. the dream would be having a few of them to change up with, but alot of guys dont get to find a nice milf or want too, i did a few times it was fun.
  18. YES, you are. And, Dude, you better know it! Lol...keep that Woman HAPPY, Son lol;)

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