Am I justified in this?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cornflake, Jan 22, 2004.

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  1. I really don\'t like my room mate. I wouldn\'t quite go so far as to say I hate him. Apparently he doesn\'t like my music (everytime I come into the room he turns off his music and as soon as I turn on mine he tells me it\'s too loud) I told him I would have headphones on sunday. Also, he claims I locked him out of the room many times... he has locked me out twice, I believe I have only locked him out once. If he had these problems with me and told me that I was bothering him a lot I would not be so annoyed with him. However, instead of coming to me and actually talking about it he went to my floors don (for americans and such a don is the same thing as an RA). My don gives me like a half hour lecture on this and then tells me I have to meet with him tommorow.
    I feel bad disliking anyone but this is really annoying. (along with the fact that I never see him sleep, which only bugs me because he keeps me awake; and he won\'t party because he always has to study).

    Sorry if this post isn\'t exactly coherent I\'m fairly drunk and stoned right now.
  2. If we all liked everyone we came in contact with, life would be weird. I\'d never get to bitch at people who annoy the crap out of me cause I\'d like them and then life would resort to that weirdness I referred to earlier. You have a right to dislike anyone that you don\'t so much like. Heh. :) Well, you do.

    I had a roommate that just wasn\'t going to float at all. I disliked (HATED) everything about this person. I switched rooms. I would have done myself a serious injustice by living with that person. I would have been miserable. Try to get a new roommate! Try hard!!!!

    Good luck! :)

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