Am I just unlucky

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  1. 7 plants all grew perfect accept 6 males one female? I let it go long enough the 6 were solid males not Hermie's

    Is it just my bad luck?
    Could temps determine sex? Warmest 71 lowest temp 64?
    No light leaks
    just plain bag seed
    Dirt grow
    I also may have put them in flower a little early? 9 to 10 inches.

    Any ideas? just my bad luck? I did have very good grows from the same bag seed.
  2. I'm a newb on this forum for sure.. However, reading the Cannibis grow bible says that Temperatures and Humidity have shown to have a higher % of females. It's a 50/50 Mix usually... and if you know anything about statistics, that means your next 7 seeds could be 6 Female and 1 male out of the same group. I was reading about some growers getting seeds from banks and having 1 out of 10 or even 0 out of 10 turn female. My suggestion would be to grow the female out to a mom and work off the clones. Guaranteed results there.
  3. Just bad luck...
  4. yep:cool:
  5. Ok thanx. I guess it just bad luck. I did take 2 clones off each plant all made it just fine except the 2 taken from the final female. Well back to the drawing board.

  6. so you took clones from every plant and the only clones that didnt make it were the female clones.

    dude, that's REALLY bad luck.

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