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Am i just paranoid?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrippinOn420, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. So I've been smoking bud for about two years, ik bud pretty well. I think my bud is llaced. One of my friends smked with this guy who sold it to me and he went crazy. I was the first time he ever smked tho..then Tim,the dealer offered Kathleen some bud. Randomly two months after..she didn't want bud but she knew I did so we picked it up & this is what he pestered me about for about two texts (sry if tht didn't make sense I'm blazed :). Should I smke this weed, he seems sketchy and like wants to see "how food the bud is so he can see if he wants to buy from this kid again"

    Ok thanks! : D
  2. Sooooo....what exactly makes you think it's laced?
  3. Lmao I just read this, not sure if it makes sense..and I dnt feel like re-typing it so, if u think u kno what I'm saying go for it :D
  4. Holy. Shit. Is it me or does this not make sense? ^^^
  5. The guy is like asking me oh tell me how it is and I think that's bc he is a dick and wants to hurt my friend, Josh and his friends. They're in a huge fight and Tim is pretty harsh
  6. SAME POSTING TIME. High five :cool:
  7. I never buy/smoke shit I can't smoke initially with my dealer (for free). I'd suggest you to do the same, because these days every crackhead with a chemistry set fucks with bud.

    Moral: Don't smoke it.

  8. Okay, now that makes sense. Heres all i gotta say: Stay away from the bastard.
  9. If that weed makes you type like how you been typing, then I say no, don't buy it.:laughing:
  10. #10 TrippinOn420, Aug 11, 2011
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    Haha nah I didn't smke it yet but I got some other crazy bud suposivly purple haze
  11. Can u tell if it is laced by looking at it or smelling it. It smells like either pepperment or windex I'm not sure I'm too high right now

  12. Oh, alright. Oh! how much is a gram of the bud that you think is lace? It's a higher chance that the bud is laced if it's cheap, $5 dollar a gram weed. Usually $20 a gram herb is not lace and is just some high quality, high THC content, herb.
  13. #13 TrippinOn420, Aug 11, 2011
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    I gave him $10 and it looks almost like two grams I'm not really sure
  14. Yes. You are just being paranoid. Dealers don't waste their time lacing marijuana. It's far too expensive and helps their cause in no way whatsoever.
  15. #15 TrippinOn420, Aug 11, 2011
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    Ya but he's I'm guessing trying to get back at this kid Josh and his friend tht was involved and then the friend that was involved gave me the weed

  16. OOOoOOOoOoOh~ Nahhhh~, your just paranoid. Don't even worry about it.
  17. Alrighty if I die it's on u man, haaha

  18. Hahahah, Okay, I take for responsibility :D:laughing: I honestly hope you don't die, it would suck :(
  19. "He fucking killed him man, a cop a lady and a guy" " A cop a lady and a guy, thats lika a massacre man"
  20. None of that made sense. Let me smoke a bowl, and read it again :D

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