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am i just getting my hopes up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by sublime83, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. ok so ive been thinking about this for awhile. i wasnt quite sure where to put this so i put it here. But with the whole legalization movement going in the right direction with cali voting for legalization this year and im sure other states to follow, that means that the marijuana industry would produce more would i be gettin my hopes up to try to land a job in the field. like everyone i tell that idea to here just laughs and goes, ya ok rigght. But if cali and those other states legalize it, there would be so much money to be made, and if it spreads throughout america, thats a shit ton of jobs. so pretty much what im asking is, should i try to find something else to do, or is my dream of growing for a living a possibility?
  2. The problem here is that it will take a while for the "field" to really develop. Immediately following legalization I actually imagine that it will be almost all self start up companies for a short time before the bigger market players start wanting a piece.

    If you want into the "field" I would suggest looking into starting a dispensary and starting to grow what you can. If it were me, I would try to find a target clientele and would start making something that would specifically appeal to a small group. Try to get yourself into a market that will be hard for someone else to get into for a while and try to stake your claim to it quickly.

    Dispensaries that are already set up in Cali are gonna obviously have an advantage but there will be plenty of room for competition. When WA legalizes I am gonna do what I can to talk my parents into helping me start up a dispensary as there are none here yet. There is definitely going to be a lot of jobs given some time; breeders, research, farmers ect. It just might take a while for the industry as a whole to develop.
  3. yeah see thats what i was thinking, but i live in ohio, and i could easily move to oregon since i have family, i just dont know if i want to take the risk, but hey, you never gonna get anything if you dont take some risks' every once and awhile
  4. It won't be as easy as up and moving to oregon then opening a shop saying come get yer weed.
  5. Let me talk in brutal honesty...

    We have never been so close to legalization as now and now the voters get the chance to voice their opinions. BUT do not put all your eggs in one basket of trying to grow weed because for one, all it takes is for 51% of the people to be against legalization and that will bring us back 10 steps and your dreams of growing probably won't happen for atleast a decade.

    NOW, even if it were legal, in the beginning you would be making a lot of business because people would need weed and you have the supply. The big players (probably big tobacco) need time to change their fields over to marijuana. If you can open up a business the minute it becomes legal, you will have a chance to strike it big, if not, the big players will come and ruin your business.

    Its all about timing and location, location, location. But don't depend on your future based on the votes because you can always be surprised...

    Stay toking my friend
  6. My advice is, if nothing is going for you right now, just keep looking. When and if Marijuana becomes legal and jobs start opening up more, and your still having trouble finding a job, then go for it man.

    You've got nothin to to lose, if your dream is growing pot for money, then do so.
  7. well i know that. i need experience, and knowledge, it'll be sometime before i do anything

    see what i thought i'd try to do is go somewhere like oaksterdam and really get to know everything i can, soak up all that knowledge, try to land a job in a dispensary, work their for awhile and once things are set up if i really like and am good at it go from there

    thanks man, i just hope this gets legalized, i mean the movement has so much momentum, it was the show doctor or w/e on cbs or one of those channels and they were talking about how medical marijuana helped this mentally handicap kid help live a normal life. i think ppl are really starting to see it as just a plant instead of a drug

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