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Am I just being a dick?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Trogdole, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Okay so in our circle there's usually four of us. Me, my best friend, her brother, and his friend. And me and the siblings usually buy, because we smoke more often. But this other kid, he's cool and all, but I get really annoyed with him, because every third hit or so he doesn't inhale, so he can try to do tricks with the smoke. I pointed this out when he went to get food today and my friends said I was just being a dick. What would your guys' etiquette with that be?
  2. by the third hit i wouldnt care personally but thats just me
  3. Yeah it is kind of a waste but it was his hit, so his loss. You're not being a dick though.
  4. smoke tricks are lamer the more experienced you get, unless you're just bored smoking by yourself, other wise it looks like your trying to impress/show off an easily learned trick, then again, you'd still inhale before the trick anyway, not a dick move.
  5. I wouldn't say your being a dick...but cmon man who cares? his hit, his loss. He's just having a little stoned fun, he isn't hurting anyone man. relax and keep blaazin.
  6. Yeah, my only problem is that he doesn't usually end up inhalin it at all, and when he doesn't get high, he wants to smoke more of the weed everyone else paid for. Lack of money makes me uptight.

  7. You have a right to be a dick, if he doesn't put in for the dank.
  8. It's just my opinion but smoke tricks should never be learned in public. You look like such a tool messing them up.
  9. I feel the same way, I hate when people waste smoke.
  10. I hate it when people don't inhale but, that does effect you in any way. Either way the part of the blunt that he is on will be consumed. Just chill out and worry about yourself it's much easier that way.
  11. #11 Graham, Jan 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 18, 2010
    Fuck that. If he doesn't want to inhale tell him that you will be glad to take his hit if he isn't even using it. That wasted hit could be making another person higher.

    Tell that dumbass to buy a pack of cigs and go to town if he likes playing with smoke.


    I just read that he isn't getting as high as the rest of the people and wanting to smoke more sooner.... tell him to savor his hits and that wouldnt be a problem.
  12. Your not being a dick. But just let him waste his smoke it doesn't Affect you. And if he wants to smoke more because he wasted his smoke tell him he should have inhaled correctly and that you want to save the rest of your bud
  13. If my or my friends want to mess about doing smoke tricks, we pay the price biologically, + use tobacco.

    But by the time youre on a third hit, you're going to be pretty high and want to enjoy it.

    Give him a ball to play with. ha.
  14. You're not being a dick, it's his loss..
    Tell him if he wants to do smoke tricks buy a little cigar or cig
    or whatever.. Either way it's his loss, and no your not being
    a dick *(in my opinion)*

    Stay green :smoking:
  15. I can see where your coming from, but if your willing to give him the hit, who cares what he does with it. But when it comes to him pressuring you to smoke more of your weed, thats when you should say something. So you may have been being a little bit of a dick, but with good reason. Dont worry about it man, and if he just wants to do tricks, ask if you can him every other rotation or something.
  16. if it's your weed and you feel like his wasting it then its okay,
    but if he did pitch in... then there's really not a problem don't be a hater.
  17. It's really ont a big deal, who cares if he likes to screw around when smoking, is he taking your hit for you? then why does it matter?
  18. Maybe if he does this just every now and then,
    but if that's all he's doing after every hit he takes,
    then it's just wasting weed.
  19. Unless its HIS weed that he's smoking, you have the obligation to be a dick, that's improper stoner "etiquette", I had a buddy do this once and I busted his ass (relatively lightly) for it, ever since, he doesn't do it anymore.
    Just be like "hey bud, don't be wasting my bud! tricks are for cigarettes and shit."

    Happy Toking!
  20. woah there my names graham to and yah i agree quit clowning around by some cigs maybe some phillies or black and milds

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