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Am I just a stoner, or a potential patient?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ZigZag09, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I just want to start out saying I am NOT in a state that recognizes marijuana as having medicinal uses. Anyways, I was diagnosed in early childhood as having depression and ADHD. I was prescribed vayvanse (not sure if it is spelled correctly) and Ritalin. When I was 16, I was sent to a state instituition after I failed a court ordered drug test and diagnosed with severe anxiety and put on Tenex. Well, I replaced those medicines with with marijuana and started self medicating. Instead of feeling like an emotionless zombie, I could actually feel alive and happy. Anyways, just this past week, I ran into some money issues and was not able to buy my "medicine", today was my 10th day without smoking and I'm use to smoking daily. I suffered a major panic attack and it got so bad I actually threw up. My question is, do these sound like symptoms or conditions that I could be prescribed marijuana for in a state where it is legal? I feel like I actually have a sincere problem that could be helped with marijuana.
  2. Yes you would qualify. Vyvanse is some strong shit. I hate hearing about young kids dosed up on that shit because of a "disorder".

    Is a small 1-3 plant grow an option for you?
  3. I think that it could be possible, yes. I'm just worried about legality issues and money. I've heard its cheaper to move to a medical state, but at the same time I have heard its actually more expensive.
  4. Tell no one about it and legality isn't an issue. As for money, grow supplies other than soil are a one time thing.

    As for moving, just depends where ya move how cheap/expensive it is.
  5. Move, hon! :bolt:

    In California, as soon as you got your driver's license (or California ID card), you can take your ID, medical records (or even an old Vyvanse bottle), and the cash, into certain clinics and get legal in less than an hour! :D The doctor sets the number of plants you are permitted to grow. :smoking:

    Colorado and Washington have both legalized recreational use. You can have an ounce on you with no problems. :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  6. yes, i'm diagnosed with similar conditions.
    including bipolar and anxiety.
    weed is my medication.
    replaced many, many medications for me.
    strong ones hahah.
  7. we are all patients dude. get your medicine as soon as you can, listen to granny she knows her stuff lol
  8. Thank you everybody for the help and the replies! Luckily, I was given some medicine for Christmas from my brother. Merry Christmas to you all!
  9. nice dude. glad you'll feel better.
    merry christmas.
  10. In CA, the state sets the bar, in regards to the number of plants and the amount that a patient can posses. However, that is just a maximum amount that a patient cannot be prosecuted for. A patient can carry and grow more than the law specifies if a doctor recommends it.

    Here's an excerpt of the law.

    However, it was pretty easy for me to get my letter of rec in CA. I took in my medical records and all of the bottles of prescribed medication I had. The doctor explained how it can help me, medically speaking. Then, we started talking about research and the CBC's and the CBC receptors.

    In due time, the cannabis discussion will no longer be taboo.

  11. About how much is it to get a doctor's recommendation?
  12. Anywhere from $55 to $85.

    You're basically just paying cash for the doctor's visit.

  13. Oh wow that's not much at all. But I imagine the product is where you spend all your money

  14. Kind of.

    I don't know the street value of cannabis. However, I've been told from long-time smokers that cannabis from dispensaries is quality product. You get what you pay for.

    Top shelf cannabis goes for around $300 to $350 an ounce.

  15. Anyone with a spare closet can buy some CFLs and a couple of rubbermaid tubs and set up a grow. You can buy clones in California dispensaries for under $15 and save a lot of money by growing your own. :D
  16. Every stoner is a patient, some just don't know it yet.

  17. Dude I just saw a little over 2 foot clone at the dispense for 10 bucks! It was basically a ready to veg/flower.

    Move to cali

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