Am I judgmental?

Discussion in 'General' started by CheebaWeeba, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. When I come in here...and I see people talking about/asking about e-liquid/e-vapes...I don't want to acknowledge this is true but I feel like on autopilot I kind of consider it the "dark side"?

    I mean I'm not about to call someone a fake-ass stoner or some such...
    (though I really REALLY hope anyone who has tried this shit has tried "real" weed too, at least once)
    ...I've always been each to their own.

    I myself vape (herbal) and use edibles exclusively with the occasional joint once a month or so, and now I wonder...if maybe some of the fellow oldskoolers have a similar reaction to people that use vapourisers like the type I use too?

    I just...I draw a line between the two types of vaping I guess...I'll admit I haven't done a huge amount of research personally but it seems like from the limited information I have come across...that essentially you're adding a little bit to convenience, but at the cost of adding in some unknowns and adulterants...while I'm not sure if it's as bad as tobacco/nicotine products in there (though I'm sure they do that too now), I'm just...I don't think there's been time to research the negatives and I can't help but feel that some of the new stoners that have like come up on this shit...kind of consider the cool points and leave it at that?

    Maybe there doesn't need to be caution. Maybe there does.
    But that's basically why I don't do it.

    Is there a benefit to doing it aside from it being different/more portable? Is it a stealth thing? A health thing?
    I just...I don't see much from it that I don't see from vapourising the plant material itself.

    Like personally...even if it reputedly got you higher, I'm not sure I wanna use something that's not *just* weed, which goes back all the way to when I first smoked, never wanted it mixed down with anything...have always hated additional substances (unless you're counting coffee. Fucking excellent combo made in heaven) being mixed in with it.

    Am I gonna assume someone is a dumb fuck for using e-liquids? Nah.
    Think less of them on a personal level? 'course not.
    I just...ugh like I said I don't really like this reality...but I don't kind of think of anyone that only uses these things as er...part of the family? Like maybe more like distant cousins or something?

    Am I being hypocritical/judgmental?
    Is me mainly herbal vaping myself making me a prick for saying all this, and/or viewed as a different step on the same path?
    I just try to be introspective...I don't feel like it does...but I'm biased right? So I can't really answer my own question with any huge level of truth.


    That said, I will welcome everybody with open arms that's not "against the cause". I don't want this to be perceived as though I'd treat or interact with anyone any differently.
  2. Are you judgmental???? You must feel like you are if you are asking........I think we all are to some extent.....i think it's "assessing a situation"..........I think it's what you do or say with that "judgement" that matters.
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  3. That's judgemental as fuck buddy.
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  4. I feel as though I might be...or that I am? I don't know. I don't know if the motivation is enough to prompt an automatic reaction like the one I have...though that's just what it is. I don't go around hating on it or people that use it or anything...but then I wonder "am I wrong or right though?" But then, my right isn't everybodies, unless you're talking universal truths etc...
    I guess I don't like to think that any benefit could make a person risk their health...I've always considered weed more on the healthy side...this is kind of, I know it's new and I'm old or whatever...I dunno, the moment I hear it's anything other than pure extracted thc (which probably wouldn't work. this, I understand) it makes me feel like it's taking people down another path.

    Don't get me wrong. From an outside perspective I can see that it's interesting technology. It's effective. It's not combustion. It's probably pretty stealthy. Dunno if it it made "not" to smell like weed? I imagine this comes into play. I see it, and I wouldn't consider a choice in using this any more or less valid than mine not to.
  5. Thank you, Sir.
  6. Yes.

    You decide who is “family” based on your ideal method of consumption?

    Not cool. I vape shatter. Where do I belong?
  7. Its human nature to be judgemental.
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  8. Agreed.

    I think that's why the saying is "Geez.....don't be SO judgemental":love-m3j:
  9. Maybe family was the wrong term or one that makes it seem more personal...what I actually meant by that...was that I feel that these folks are've got your family (eg that with which you're super familiar with) and your larger or more distant family/relatives that yknow, you might not have on speed dial? Might not quite remember their name just who's kid they are, something like that?

    I dunno if I'd really consider it either cool, or uncool but hey. Your view man.

    I've vaped shatter. Not really my deal but from my simple ass understanding while there's some stuff involved in the preparation method (or some anyway) that you might not want in your body, and you've gotta put a bit more time and care into this than I would care to...what's left is something of a quality product with little to no residual adulterants. See, assuming this is true it's a method I "get", but it's not mine.

    I dunno where you belong man?
    You seemed offended when I applied the "family" equivalent to where I was at so...not like I'm gonna go there.
    I, if I give you an answer here, it won't really matter what it is so...yep, that's me done.
  10. None taken.

    Dude I feel like we’re all one family.

    I should have said pressure and heat creates my medication. Maybe a little education before judging.

    No offense but I feel like you’re an incredibly verbose family member. Kinda like the one at the family reunion you just smile at and walk away from shaking your head. Once again, no offense.

    Take it easy and try to lighten up.
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  11. Being judgmental about vaping is one thing, being judgmental about those who vape is another thing entirely. Who knows what spray painting the insides of your lungs with propylene glycol will do over time. We're hearing about more and more people having severe lung problems from constant vaping so I'm going to assume infrequent vaping sessions using vape juice would probably not cause damage but if a person vapes that stuff several times a day then the potential for damage goes up. I'd stick with vaping flowers or oils with no added chemicals.

    We see people being judgmental of cigarette smokers all the time but I think we're more judgmental of those who think differently politically, especially now in the age of Trump.
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  12. Aren't we all?
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  13. I know I am. I'm not even gonna sit here and act like I'm not. I think the difference is verbalizing thoughts that could be viewed as being judgmental. I tend to keep most of my thoughts to myself.

    OP, you feel how you feel about your post/opinion. That's just the way it is.
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