Am i in trouble?

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  1. I just started flowering on saturday night and im worried that i might run out of room in this tent. This is as high as the light is able to go. How much bigger r they going to get during flowering?

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  2. can you smell it outside the tent?
  3. ? No i have a carbon scrubber.
  4. They can still get about another 1ft to 2ft taller. It depend on what strains you have.

    from the dungeon
  5. alright thanks
    2 cotton candy
    2 plat kush
    1 dj short blueberry

    if that helps at all
  6. your going to have to use a screen. I think they are to big to try and lst at this point. But yea they will grow right into the light if you let them. Expect a plant to double or triple its size in flower. You need to come up with a screen fast, the longer you wait the harder the stems will be to bend and you greatly increase risk of them snapping.

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