Am I in the clear to start planting?

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  1. The last thing I need is some assurance that I set up right. The tub is full and the PH is fine. I have the seeds waiting on the fridge and I have one more question. How long do i run the pump and is it in tandem with the lights?

    The light is a 5u 125w Veg light.

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  2. I would tape the top of your tub with duct tape.. the silver stuff with red lettering...

    and i would turn your light horizontal to the plants... not pointing down...

    bare minimum
  3. your gonna need another bulb to flower your plants

    you run the pump all the time... 24/7

    depending on the strain of plant(it varies) just run your veg bulb 20/4
  4. so if you start to germinate small cfl over your plants 2700k 23 watt bulb(2 dollars)

    tomorrow tape the whole tub to make sure you don't have light leaks into the tub... you will get root rot... order your flower bulb

    once you transfer to your tub.. make sure you bury the rockwool and cant see the water threw the sides of your net pots... kick on your veg bulb to 20/4

    once your plants are 1/3 of the size you wish to see... turn on your flower bulb


    make sure you have no light seeping into your grow area when your veg or flower bulb is off..... your plants can turn hermie

    carry on

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