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Am I in need of quitting weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Live&Blaze, Apr 30, 2016.

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    So I've been getting mixed opinions about this, which is why I need some good objective points to why I should or shouldn't quit from total strangers. Here I go:

    I'm 18 (almost 19), started smoking weed when I was 16. Before 16, I was an athlete and a person who just hates any form of smoking or intoxication (except the occasional alcohol). But then, I was introduced to weed. The only reason I agreed to smoke is because my friends convinced me that weed isn't what people say it is (it's healthier than cigs/alcohol, it's not addictive, it's amazing, etc..) So I got high, and loved it!

    A few months later, I started smoking cigarettes. This is when a lot started going downhill.

    Now: I smoke a pack in 3-4 days, and smoke around 2 grams of weed a day. I feel like it's very difficult to go for more than 3-4 hours without smoking. The problem is, sometimes I don't even know if I'm craving cigarettes or if I'm craving weed. I always smoke after toking, which is why I think this is happening. I also slowly stopped working out (over the period of a few months) which is surprising because I used to LIVE at the gym.

    One of my problems is that during these past 2 years, running a sesh with my buddies and smoking cigarettes gave me some of the best memories that I have.

    I have a hard time sleeping sometimes when I'm not high, but sometimes I can't sleep simply because I haven't smoked a cigarette in a while.

    The worst part is, I know that quitting both can be TWICE as hard for me, since you know, I'm quitting 2 things instead of one. It's been 1 day since I smoked weed (just started a T break) and 1 day since I smoked a cigarette (I'm hoping that by the time my t break ends, I won't crave cigarettes as much, and weed will become the powerful yet peaceful drug it once was for me).

    To conclude, weed has always been this peaceful and amazing drug to me, and I always knew that cigarettes were bad, but the cravings overcome that knowledge. Should I quit weed also? If so, should I quit both of them at the same time?

    P.S. I'm an aspiring film maker and weed has never hurt my motivation or creativity in anyway. If anything, it helps my creativity. But now I'm starting to fear that 2 grams of weed a day is what would slowly destroy that creativity and motivation.

    Any advice from the experienced tokers/smokers?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Quit cigarettes.

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  3. #ItsaTrap

    So like weed, you know?
  4. I think you need to quit cigarettes and weed.
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  5. You need to focus on quitting cigarettes first. In your case, you might want to look for a support group for quitting cigarettes.

    Once you quit nicotine, it should be easier to get control of your cannabis habit. I don't think anybody necessarily needs to completely quit weed, but one should be able to go for several days or even weeks and just enjoy the occasional toke.

    As far as not being able to go to sleep, you should try and exercise before going to sleep. Maybe join a 24 hour gym if one is available in your area.

    Research has shown that if someone abstains from marijuana for about a week, they'll stop craving it. But I still think you should focus on the nicotine first, since that's more damaging and psychologically addicting than cannabis.
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  6. Maybe quit cigs and make smoking weed more of a treat/rare occasion
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  7. I speak from my experience alone but honestly i just think you are young. That being said, STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES NOW!!! I was the same EXACT way when i was younger. Played 3 sports, worked out..etc. Started smoking bud at 14 and cigs at 16-17 and slowly my priorities started to drift. I quit baseball, then football, then basketball by my senior year. Stopped working out completely. Why? Priorities. Weed isn't like coke, or NEED those to get by. With weed I just WANTED it to get by. So i started putting it more important that some other things in my life. I had started relying on smoking weed in order to just have fun or be content. It is not a physically addictive substance but it can most certainly be an addictive habit and/or change your priorities if you let it. I was always looking to get together and planning stuff with friends so we could smoke and have a great time. It was new, it was fun. As I got older my relationship with and perception of cannabis started to change, along with the effects it produced. For me at least, after high school the cool "allure" of smoking weed and out toking your friends and getting stupid giggly high pretty much just...well died. Smoking during high school did not effect my outcome after school in any way. Yes i quit sports but did i have a chance in the nba? nfl? no. My grades did not suffer, and I stayed out of trouble for the most part. I can speak for a lot of friends as well. Just try to ease off on the heavy toking, maybe try just smoking on the weekends, or like a lot of people just smoke at night after a long day. I will advice you to stop smoking cigarettes asap. I guess what I'm trying to say is when you are young, in your teens you can easily let new and exciting things take a front seat in your life (girlfriend, car, weed, alcohol, tobacco). The key is to PRIORITIZE.
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    Good idea to ask others than from your inner circle but we really don't know you and without any more context than your synopsis and assessment of your situation which could mean anything.

    This is why I think you are on the right track on asking....just I would suggest seeking advice closer to home.
    They are less apt to sugar coat the situation and are probably less likely to give you a free pass than a real close friend

    You are way too young to have these issues. That being said you are being mature for that age even thinking/being concerned about your life and situation. Keep asking, don't be complacent and don't just do nothing. Young yes, but with positives. If you don't think that is important wait until you get older and you see how well you have done for yourself by just being a participant in your own well being. You are not ignoring the issue. I can not tell you how important that is and how badly this is missing in many of your peers.

    I will tell you this 2 grams/day and smoking or wanting to smoke every couple of hours will ruin your life. It may not happen for 10 or 20 years or it may happen this year, but you will look back and totally REGRET not making better choices in life.

    I won't bitch at you, I won't call you an idiot (A person that asks questions, good questions at that is no idiot in my book) I will say this. I have heard over and over and over again, that smoking helps me in my job....That is mostly BULLSHIT. Oh I get it folks I really do. I smoke and I get the creativity going then in the long run I get less done anyways. I am 50 years old and already retired, I worked (and did not smoke) my entire adult life until I retired. Why? I asked the very same questions you are asking to myself and it was crystal clear that I would get LESS done in life using pot than without and since my future was important to me I quit. I didn't think about it, I didn't say next week, I didn't ask anyone. I knew it was the right thing to do and never looked back. I quit when I was 15 years old and it was a pivotal point in my life.

    How much money are you spending on pot a month? On Cigs? No need to tell us this is for you to answer to yourself. Nobody here can tell you what to do you have to tell yourself. I got lucky in life, REAL lucky. Part of that was not luck, it was being prepared for the next step. I was ready to take the Air Traffic Control exam, I was ready for training and I was ready to work a full career as a controller. Why the big deal? I was told about the job and applied the next month then things ran quickly. I could have missed the offer and never became a controller because the academy in OKC closed right after I left in 91'. I had no clue the academy was about to close and it could have been one of those minor choices in life that would have been a major blunder. You NEVER see these things for what they are until you look at them later in life. It's scary when you see a choice you make in life become a pivotal point in your life. Everyone has bad stuff happen but I have never had anything happen yet that put my life in the shitter. You can avoid many of the major pitfalls by making good choices.

    I grew up poor, I have lived in the ghetto and I made it out against tremendous odds. When you the cards stacked against you you don't need more problems pulling you down. Poor people stay poor smoking cigs, it's a stupid people tax. No I am not trying to offend anyone but seriously has nobody gone into the gas station and seen people buying cigarettes? A vast majority of them are making poor wages. When you get older and have more responsibilities then you thank the maker you are not wasting your money any more or you look at a new car and then realize you could have paid for it with cash from just cutting out cigs.....then you realize you have been bent yourself.
  9. Well, a lot of honest answers here which I absolutely appreciate. For the past 3 days I didn't have any weed, and to be brutally honest, it didn't bother me much. During these 3 days of absolute soberness, I did some thinking.

    1) I've ALWAYS had insomnia, and so does my father. It's even something that the whole family knows and hears about at least a few times a week from my father and I. This leads me to believe that weed isn't the issue here.

    2) I don't know about quitting weed, but what I am gonna do is use it to my advantage. I've heard a lot of people say that rewarding yourself for not smoking cigarettes is a good way of keeping the motivation. So not only will I try my hardest to quit cigarettes, I will also only smoke weed at night (since not having weed didn't bother me, having weed but smoking it only once a day will set me straight).

    To conclude, all I need to do (for now) is quit cigarettes and limit my weed intake to only nights. I personally believe that weed COULD ruin your life, but that doesn't mean it WILL. It's a tool, and if you use that tool in the right way, I don't see where the harm could come from. Especially when some of the greatest figures/leaders/artists of history swear by it.

    Again, thank you all for your replies. Greatly appreciated.
  10. I would quit smoking cigs but I look suave when I smoke.
  11. I think you should quit cigs all together as there no real benifits. Now for the weed you should definitely cut down 2gs a day is a lot bro maybe cut it down to 1 for now.

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