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Am I heading towards physcosis?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NutmegPluto, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. A few months ago I had a 3 week break from cannabis, when i started smoking again I put around half a gram in a baby skin and smoked it to myself. My friends were all fine and so was I until I put my face in my hands and suddenly felt like I had left my body, from then on it felt like what some people have described as a 'strobe light' effect thing in my head. Where it felt like I was blacking out and waking up and each time I felt like I was in a dream state. I tried sleeping but I was getting strange buzzing sensations in my limbs and if I didnt move my legs for a long time they started feeling uncomfortable and I would have to move them. My heart was racing and I kept feeling like I was spinning out of my body then going back into it really quickly. I was disorientated and I was having sensations in my stomach really weird. Anyways the next day I had no appetite and felt ill for 4 days or so although the next day I smoked a joint and I was fine. Anyways 2 weeks later I shared a gram with 3 mates, I felt fine until I got indoors again and the same thing was happening and I had a headache for ages and was getting scared about wether I had damaged my brain.

    So today (about 2 weeks since the last incident) I had a toke on a joint, I have a headache now and Im getting worried that the same thing will happen (though last week i shared a joint with a friend and was fine except for having a headache and feeling nervous about having the same thing)

    I was wondering: does it sound like I could be heading towards mental problems, and has anyone else had this and how do you get through it and stop it (if that's possible) thanks guys

    Oh btw before I gave up before it first happened I had been smoking it for a few months and was getting through maybe 2 grams a week.
  2. You're turning into a sociopath...It's okay, just don't kill the people you want to kill.:cool:
  3. 2 grams a week isnt very much and if you took a 3 T-break i wouldent doubt you would trip hard. Dont worry your not going crazy you just smoked and tripped yourself out hardcore
  4. It's the government...
  5. Nah man. I was 100000x crazier than you for at least 6 months after overdosing on spice.

    I felt like a shell of a human being.
  6. lol thanks for the support, dno what that other cunt was talking about but ty, if anyone has more info or anything please tell me. I need someone who has had a similar experience, what was it like for you bloodlust and has anything bad happened to u Soapsalesmen?
  7. only if you believe you are...
  8. Back when I rarely smoked I'd have good sessions and bad ones... I think it was just lack of knowing my limits
  9. you prob just went green a bad trip like a panic attic if you ever have anything on your mind like bad then you tend to be thinking bout it if ya catch me an end up going GREEN! not good at all
  10. I tripped hard the first time when i smoked. It was some sour D and it was tiny as fuck but what did i care. Anyway we smoked it, went in the tent and started eating everything we had. I completely forgot what happened for at least 15 minuets. My back was all tingly and i just wanted to roll around because it felt so good. Then I had a headache and it kinda sucked but then I felt good after words. Dont worry. Your body isnt used to it and your fine, trust me. Sorry if the story was irrelevant, just though I'd share :) keep tokin.
  11. Do you think the break I had screwed me and I lost my tolerance to it? How do you suggest I go about not getting fucked up from it? I mean like stopping the bad shit from happening? Because I don't really want to smoke more because it will just mess me up. And how can you be sure Its not making me mental?
  12. also do you think its normal after a bad trip to feel shit for a few days?
  13. can someone tell me wat the hell a baby skin is
  14. baby skin is a normal rizzla, not a king or an L :p dno what u call it but yeah
  15. #15 TriangleNine, Aug 1, 2011
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    The only thing your break would do is obviously lower your tolerance and therefor render you able to smoke less and get just as hihgh. Pack a small/medium bowl and puff on it slowly. If anything bad starts happening stop smoking and make some tea or coffee, ect. Try to relax as much as you can too. Don't stress your mind and such. And think good thoughts, your not going mental.

  16. Yeah, you basically lost your tolerance to the ganja. And if you don't wanna be on cloud 9 for a while, SMOKE LESS! Trust me. Mabey smoke half a joint and save that shit or pack small bowl and take little puffs. And when you smoke make sure you are happy and chill. You do not want to have an anxeity attack. And smoke outdoors in a nice calm spot, plug in you headphones and just chill.:smoke: And for the last part, I don't know but you should be able to tell. Keep tokin.:D
  17. I would check into a mental hospital if I were you. You have signs of a pot overdoses!!!!
  18. how can i overdose when i was smoking 2 grams over a weekend? a gram a night? now apparently im overdosing on half a joint? fuck that
  19. No rlly! Dis iz srs bsnss
  20. You cant overdoes on pot, don't listen to him.

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