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Am I gonna be ok?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PMW93, May 27, 2010.

  1. I have a drug test this upcoming Wednesday for an ACE program. (school is making me do it...) But anywho, the last time I smoked was 2 sundays ago, May 16th unless I'm mistaken. I've been drinking about 2 bottles of water a day since then and plan on increasing the amount of water between now and the test. Do you guys think I'll pass? If the drug screen comes back positive, it's not the end of the world, I just take it the following Wednesday and get like 3 more weeks or something like that. But obviously I want to pass it the first time because it's like the day before school gets out and I want to celebrate.....
  2. You may need a little artificial help detoxing. I'm not an expert on drug tests though since I've never had one and never plan on it.
  3. I know quite a bit about detoxing and drug testing. What is your height and weight, this is a good indicator of metabolism, if you are pretty thin then you clean up faster. How much do you exercise, exercise burns fat where thc sits. Will your test be tested for dilution? If you are really worried try the dilution method. Take some creatine suppliments 1-2 days before your test, one of the tests they do to see if pee is diluted is to see the amount of creatine byproduct in your pee. The day before and on the day of the test drink A LOT of water. About 4 hours before your test take some B vitamins B complex works very well, it will make your pee more yellow. I would say this works most of the time. If it comes back diluted you will probably have to retest, but its better than a positive result. Dont buy detox drinks they are a waste of money and many of them are the method i just told you in a bottle for 50$ rather than spending like 12 bucks on some vitamins.
  4. ResearchIt knows his shit.

    THC stores in your fat cells, so a good way to get it out faster is to burn as much fat as possible.

    30 days is a rough maximum of how long THC stays in your system. for people with less body fat (skinnier) and higher metabolisms, it can be out of their system in as little as 8 days naturally.
  5. BTW, +rep for you good sir.
  6. I'm 5 foot 9 and weigh 165. Where can I find these supplements you speak of?
  7. GNC, vitamin shoppe, CVS, rite aid, some grocery stores will carry creatine
  8. Most excellent, thank you. I'll be frank with you though, I'd rather not have to take supplements or anything. Is there any way possible to just drink a shit ton of water and be alright? I'm fine with drinking gallons'd only be for less than a week. The test doesn't check for dilution
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    energy drinks also have b vitamins but are cheaper than a bottle of vitamins. i used one (plus drinking lots of water) to pass a drug test a couple of weeks ago. my piss was a good color, not fake or anything. i drank the energy drink (16 oz venom) about 90 minutes before getting tested.

    good luck on your test!
  10. Thanks so much you guys, I REALLY appreciate the help. Sounds like I'm gonna start drinking copious amounts of water, energy drinks, and try to find some creatine supplements. Maybe even get off my lazy ass and exercise a bit too :D
  11. try to find 100% not-from-concentrate cranberry juice, it helps to clean out your urinary tract. and "Get Clean" tea by the Republic of Tea, it has stuff in it that helps flush out your kidneys. I'm a pretty big dude with a slow metabolism and I passed a test in 9 days from the last point i smoked. i'm also a pretty heavy smoker.
  12. SHIT!!!!! guys I just remembered that I smoked like .3 this past weekend. .3 at the most. Fuck.....with this news at light would it just be better for me to substitute a friend's clean urine?
  13. drug tests are so much bullshit. they might as well just call them marijuana tests cause that is pretty much the only drug that stays in your system for an extended amount of time. its time to legalize and be done with this fucking bullshit. come on cali, get the ball rolling this november....
  14. depends on how closely they will watch you. Id go with what i told you before. But if you do substitute urine make sure its a male friends urine, because they can tell the difference.
  15. Everyday there's about 30 threads about drug tests.

    Makes me face palm, there's this thing called GOOGLE.
  16. dude totally...
  17. Do you think I give a fuck?? You didn't have to click on the thread
  18. If you're not going to have the courtesy to use the search box, at least use Apprentice Tokers?
  19. I realize that threads have been made before about drug tests. No fucking shit. I needed a specific answer in a fairly short amount of time, is it the end of the world to make a new thread? Of all the forums on the pits of the internet, you'd think the one full of stoners would be the one's who aren't anal about search boxes...

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