AM i gonna be able to dry in this???

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    so dont really got anywhere to dry this year.. last year i drove them over to my brothers house. besides having to give him an o or two of my hard work, cops have been out like crazy lately and its simply not worth driving that much... alright so heres what i got.. i use this trailer for motocross but its getting alittle late for that. its a newer trailer, no animals live in it.. probally 8x4 in size. so anyway its been getting alittle colder at night here. just under 50 some nights.. ive had one plant in there for 2 days now. heres my setup.. theres 3 boxes.. one big rubbermaid tote with probally close to 60 half in. holes drilled in it for ventilation.. the other two are in smaller home depot boxes w/ holes in them to.. i made a another box that slides onto the side of the tote and hooked a small fan up in it.. probally not gonna bother with fans on the smaller boxes cuz the nugs in the tote are all the top nugs so theyll def take longer to dry out.. ok so now heres what the weather looks like for tonight.. from 9-11pm suppose to be around 50-52 f and humidity will start at 69-71 because its gonna rain alittle tonight.. the trailer generally stays alittle warmer, i even think its alittle more humid some times which is good cuz its gonna get colder every night.. so you guys think i should be alright with this setup? i dont want my buds to turn out like crap cuz it was to cold out or something.. in a few weeks ill be cutting down more, think it will be alright if the temp is mid-high 30's at night? maby put a small heater or something in there?? one good thing i see with this idea is being able to slow dry them. they will def not get to crispy to fast. tell me what you guys think about this setup

  2. buy a dehumidifier, herp.
  3. im picking one up tonight... herp? what temp is to cold to have them in there? probally dont need a heater right away right
  4. Make sure its above 32 degrees F.
  5. only one place was open near me that would have them.. they only had humifiers. only had one dehumidifier and it was like 250$ :rolleyes: im gonna try lowes or something tommorrow.. out of fans, dehumidifier, and a heater which ones would be the most important to leave on all the time?? figure only need the heater at night for the other ones still out.

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