Am i going well?need some help

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  1. 8weeks and a half For my 2 master kush ladies!
    One yet cut and put head down from 1 week,the other plant seems not to be finished yet,1 week from flushing needs another one.
    I tried to smoke some flowers,that were quite brown,because they were deteriorating,waited about a week but the smell was.not that typical,was very "green" . now the first Plant is drying as i said from a week ,after another should i put her into a glass jar?cutting out leaves and only putting in flowers,right? I have never used topping,never cut determined branches neither used strange methods,because these are my first ones (looking also for a guide of that because i m growing yet other 2 ladies (ss skunk) need to know how to topping (why is that used?) and other things of the gender

    Anyway that wasn t my first purpose ,here there are some pic of the plant that i am flushing and going to cut in 7 days time.what about her? ( too much branches,and only some flowers i had to use for sure some techniques:( )




    Thank you

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  2. Up

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  3. That looks a long way off being finished! Do you have a loupe? You need to check they trichomes because what you have there looks pretty poor tbh mate
  4. Man ,harvested ,there were lots of amber trichomes mixed with full withe ones , the smell is fucking strong it stones me as fuck!
    The picture doesnt make u understand well because there was too much light in it !
    Lime smell man! And about 150 gr of harvesting (picture doesn t represents well ) flowers are really snowy and my hand were full of resin when i cut it ! Hope to have done everything well! Need to wait them to dry!

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