Am I going to outgrow this supercloset?

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  1. First time grower and first time posting. I attached a pic of my current situation. I am 2 1/2 weeks into flowering and I still have 6 weeks before I flush. These things are growing so fast that i'm afraid its going to outgrow the supercloset superstar. I have about a foot of growth before I run out of space. I tried to put the trellis on and bend the tops underneath it, but they just pop right back out. Am I going to run out of room and if so, what can I do to prevent it?


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  2. You should be just about done stretching. My plants stretched the first 14 days of flower . They grew at least 50 percent in size. I'm sure strains behave differently. And I also think that indicas and sativas behave differently as well, but I don't think they stretch throughout the flowering period. I could be wrong and someone with more experience might educate us both.
  3. You should do some trimming to thin your jungle out a bit. The end of the second week early third week is the perfect time. Cut off the bottom branches that are not going to get light anyway, so air can flow through. Cut off the thinner weaker branches and any inside branches that are not going to get much light. That way the remaining branches get stronger and produce bigger buds, and all parts of the plants get light. Some people only leave six to eight strong branches, you can leave more if you want but that gives you an idea of how aggressive you can be. 
  4. Funny...I have an old super closet mini cube and I just recently filled it with a full tray of plants...8 sour d. and 4 chem valley kush...
    I wasn't sure of how to implement Co2 so I kinda over did it in the 2nd week of veg and they blew the EFF up...going from 6 inch seedlings to 3 ft in a little less than 2 1/2 weeks and even after topping them they now sit only 2 inches from the lamp.
    I was initially worried about the distance but I've zero problems as of yet.
    I put up a trellis(folded over to give more resistance)...tuck the branches and sites like you should but maybe you can "bend" them slightly... That is to pull or stretch them without twisting or breaking them or causing too much stress.
    What I've also found most useful is that I have one fan hung at the top of cube blowing towards the actual bulb (45 degrees and toward the back) and another fan hanging just below the undergrowths trim line(meaning I trimmed a significant 3 to four inches from the bottom of ALL 12 plants for airflow and uniformity)...and that fan blows across the tops of the baskets.
    The only real "issue" I'm running into is keeping the humidity up past I keep a 2 gallon jug inside the cube to the left of the reservoir filled with water and a heater to help dissipate and it works on a good day.
    I know its too late to top for you but I recommend it when using such a limited space. Just try to spread your tops out thru the trellis and you should be fine. Just remember when training or leaning plants to be careful above all else.
    Hate to see you weeks away from flush and lose the prize.
    Good luck!!!
  5. Here's a pic of mine and close they are with no issues ...yet!

  6. Thanks for the input. I'm hoping its about done with the stretch. I have been bending them and tying them down. I also added more string to the net trellis to add more smaller squares. That seemed to help a lot. Yours is a lot closer to the top than mine. What do you do when it starts to produce colas?
  7. I just use twist tie to pull away from the hot zone right under the bulb and let em go.
    I now use my box for a veg box and transplant into 5 gal buckets now that I have a room with more space. I did use chicken wire to make a gnarly scrog for the harvest I finished in July.
  8. how good is the smell control actually with these super closet Products? Asking to the people who actually own them.
  9. I am currently doing a journal on main-lining if you'd be interested for your next grow (has to be done in veg), main-lining makes use of tight spaces and light distribution.
    Classic Grow Fall 2015 in Hydro journals.
  10. End of second week is when I take my clones. Ie the smaller thinner stuff. Also it's when I pinch off unwanted bud sites. Didn't pinch them off on my first grow and learned my lesson.


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