am i going to jail?

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  1. ok so i was riding with 2 friends and we got pulled over(i wasn't driving, don't know if it matters), 1 friend gets caught with pipe, I don't get caught with ANYTHING but they found another pipe in the car and 2 bags and me and my other friend didn't admit to anything so today i got a letter from human services saying i have to go to court because of Marijuana Posession and parapharnelia when i didn't get caught with anything so wtf? even the cop let me go because i didn't have anything so what's the deal? sorry if i don't make much sense but im really nervous
  2. Fight it. If you didn't have anything, you didn't have anything. If they say you did, they're wrong. Fight it.
  3. yea youre going to jail. watch out for your butthole.
  4. Did he not give you a ticket? If he didnt you are clear. They cant charge you after the fact. If they try just tell them to prove it
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    to be safe get a lawyer, its never a good feelin walkin into court without 1.
    but this should be an eazy case for any attourney. dismissed fo sho
  6. It all depends. By law you are suppose to, but nobody is doing it any more. They are realizing that sending ppl to jail for marijuana just turns good ppl into bad ppl. They are leaving jail worse than when they came in. It works like this in PA anyways. My buddy got busted by an undercover in Pittsburgh. He had a lit joint in his mouth and 2 oz's of OG Kush in his cargo pockets. He got off with a $350 fine and that's it.
  7. Can't charge two people with possession of the same thing. If you didn't have it on you then you should be safe.
  8. no he did not give me a ticked, on the letter it said "alleged" accusations or something like that.
  9. lol it says that? as long as u dont walk in there sayings "yea it was myne" your golden bro
  10. Make sure you go to court.

    I think you'll be fine. Tell them it wasn't yours, the officer never issued a ticket, and you were completely unaware you were going to have to appear in court.
  11. 25 to life buddy. you can kiss your ass goodbye.
  12. You should blatently go to court really fucking stoned.
  13. Right. Law Student here, and I pretty much run the Drug Defense section of the firm I clerk for. Depending on the law in your state, the question becomes:
    1.) Was it your car?
    2.) Was any citation issued to you?
    3.) Where precisely were the bags and spare pipe found?
    4.) What did your buddy say? ( Sounds like he might have thrown you under the bus for the whole thing.)
    5.) What did you say? ( 85% of problems come from diarrhea of the mouth)

    Get yourself a lawyer. Don't watch Law & Order or Judge Judy and think you know whats going on. Any schmuck with a J.D. should suffice, but don't let a Public Defender plead you out. You have officially gotten for free what any client would have paid $300 for. Best of luck with your legal difficulties. Seacrest out....

  14. :bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:
  15. I would DEF start lifting weights and taking some boxing/mma classes to protect your ass. You never know man
  16. Thats gotta be another form of sharing the love. $300 of it. You, sir, get a plus rep.
  17. And you, you get rep just for that sig pic. thats fucking brilliant (Y)
    And has inspired mine.
  18. i live in wisconsin
    1. no
    2. na
    3. 1 bag was found under a seat(empty) the other was found along with a pipe in the front.
    4. idk he said he didn't say shit. starting to doubt though
    5. well i said it wasn't mine .
  19. don't drop the soap.
  20. The ideal answer you could have given was "What/s Marijuana?"
    In my opinion your buddy tried to screw you.
    The pertinent statute is :
    W.S.A. 961.573 if you are over 18
    W.S.A. 938.344 if under: great deal if under as its a $50 fine.
    Google the shit out of that and you can do some of your own research.

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