Am I going to get wrecked when I flip these into flower?

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  1. Plants are in a 4x4x6.5 tent with 2 Viparspectra lights one TC450 and a DS350. 4 plants in 5 gallon buckets topped a few times and lst'd 1.5 month veg. Then 10 smaller plants in starter pots going to top them and keep the 8 best and transplant into small 2 gallon square pots and line them against the wall around the 4 bigger ones with 4 on each side of the fan. Wondering if I even have enough lighting to pull this off in a 4x4 tent or enough space. The strains are Grape Ape, Grape Ape X Northern Skunk, Grape Ape X random purple indica. Everything is feminised too so I wont have to throw any males out just the 2 smallest plants.

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  2. Way too many plants. Not enough light. You aren't going to yield more just because you load the tent with a high plant count.
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  3. Listen to this man

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  4. I also have a 2x4 tent that's not in use atm but dont have any more lighting but if I ordered 2 more 300 watt and threw those smaller plants in the 2x4 do you think the 2 lights would cover the 4 5 gallon ones if I flipped them by say friday and let the little ones veg a little bit longer and pot up in the other tent ?
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  5. Ok, what I would do, is if you have your heart set on those lights and like them, put all of them in the flower tent. I'd put the small ones in the smaller tent and get a couple cheap 4 ft led shop lights and veg them out. Or put the smaller ones outside to veg. I'm in N.E. USA by the time your flower tent is ready to harvest, your outdoor plants will have started to flower or be close too it if you were in this area. I would then finish the outdoor plants inside. But that's me. If you go tat route, remember, plants outdoors can grow large so keep up with training or they won't fit in your tent

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  6. I wish I could put them outside I'm in N.W Canada but my first grow I had them indoors under weak bulbd threw them outside while waiting on my LEDs for like 5 days and then I had to fight root aphids and thrips for the rest of the grow after I brought them indoors and they barely made it to the end of flower. I was using safers insecticidal soap spraying the soil twice daily and eventually got so desperate I flushed them with a safers mix but ya I could move around the top soil and have them swimming all over my hands it was disgusting. I found a few cheap 300w LED on Amazon normally 97 on sale for 67 for prime day think I'm going to order two of those should cover the whole 2x4 im thinking. Il do what you said and veg them out more in it and do training till I can harvest the bigger ones. I retired the 2x4 tent because my cat thought it was a playhouse and popped like 100+ little nail holes all up the sides of the tent but I guess it could be used for veg if I got those 2 lights
  7. Or if u have buddies that grow see if they'll grow them while u do the rest and give him some bud for helping maybe !?

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  8. You could fit 8 more plants in there. Plenty of room
  9. You ever heard of SOG? Better to have 20 that yield 2oz ea than 8 veg'd out and only getting 4oz ea those numbers are example as I know yield varies.

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