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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yosefebesh, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. I just put in some eyedrops, but I noticed they were like 3 years old.
    Oh fuck,
    My right eye fucking burns and I can hear sizzling wtf
    its like so hot the eye is a frying pan
    please am I going to die?
    sorry, a bit stoned.

  2. we all die. some sooner than others. sorry OP.
  3. #3 Bam_Bam, Jan 10, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 10, 2016

    Yes, you will die but on the bright side, your eye will stop burning. Unless you don't make to heaven like I plan on doing, it may still burn in hell.

  4. I'm actually serious please I want to see my wife I never had again before I die after I die.
    Am I going to die?
  5. Common mistake. But to answer your question, yes you are probably going to die.
  6. holy fuck what do I do the ambulance is on the way
  7. Put a knife in the electrical socket and say toto, three time. That should help.

  8. it made a bit fire but I took it out with my dicki can feel my soul being ripped away
    what do i do omg
  9. reminds me of the time i used eye dilation drops instead of eye drops and basically went blind in one eye for a day
  10. Rinse out your eye with fresh running water.

  11. finally someone said it. op how old are you? you haven't done it already and haven't called poison control?
  12. RIP ops dick soul

  13. Just rinse you're eye with water man
  14. What were you trying to accomplish with this thread op? Please stop trolling, the knowledge of these blades can actually be used to help people in need instead of being distracted by a non sense thread such as this.

    This thread is almost as bad as the one where the dude splashed iso on his

  15. i was actually serious, but the last 2 were jokes.
    The eye pain stopped. You can all go home now.
  16. I'll juse inject 4 marijuanas in my eyes next time
  17. I am rooting for the eye drops. 👽


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