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Am i going to die?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RjadSavage, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Well i love smoking weed im sure a lot of you bladers out there do too so heres my problem... i was growing a plant 4 weeks into flowering i needed 8-9 weeks to be complete and well i ended up harvesting at 4 weeks which is VERY early i cut off the stem and put it in a dark place four days later its really dry the hairs are orange and i do see white hairs on it i dont wanna just leave it like that Can i smoke it and come out alive? or is it bad to do so also i know i know it was a waste to grow up to 4 weeks of flowering and chop it but i had no choice i had problems and it had to go id like a quick answer thanks guys :smoking: it looks smokeable but smells very minty and has little bud to leaf ratio i dont wanna smoke leafs.. but i cant deny that it looks ready to smoke.
  2. yes you will die
  3. Yeah you'll definitely die man
  4. ^-- Are you guys playing around or your serious .__. or you just dont know.
  5. it's obviously not going to kill you but at least trim the leaves a bit if you're going to smoke it.
    I wouldn't count on getting high though. Got some pics?
  6. Well. you wont die. you just wont get that high. actually, the high u will get will be crap.
  7. I'll see how it goes smoking it i probably wont even get a buzz but its worth experimenting.. i might do something evil with what i have here.
  8. [quote name='"RjadSavage"']^-- Are you guys playing around or your serious .__. or you just dont know.[/quote]

    IF IT DID KILL YOU .. That's gonna be the person thats dies of Marijuana !:/
  9. :smoking: Im fucking baked , Bomb kush even at 4 weeks haha just took quite a bit of hits to get the high and its a head high.
  10. i can promise you that, eventually, at the end of your life, you will die
  11. just sling it to some kiddies and buy some real fire
  12. yu wil die if u zmoke it iz poizonus?
  13. I was gonna jus do that but to friends instead of some fire ill get some items that i really needed while i was at 4rth week of grow, but i rate this stuff 7/10 like from what iv tried in my area and there is some dank dank stuff id be happy smoking this

  14. Assuming your a ghost, on vacation. Yes you have been dead avery long time.

    Sorry mann.
  15. The odds of you dying due to smoking an under developed plant are the same as the odds of me giving up :D

    Don't worry
  16. Dead before sundown
  17. LOL why are you worried about it killing you?
  18. We are all going to die eventually. So why worry?

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