Am I God?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by ScreenCleaner, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. My mate thinks I'm god? U think he smokes too much?

    We're sitting there one night smokin away, I turn my head as one does to look around, and he's staring at me. Its a piecring stare, like he's looking straight into me. I ask him whats up, i get no reply. This happens repeatidly through out the night, until finally he says, "Are you God?"

    He's had a few dealings over the years with the concept of thinking other people being God. The longest dealing involved him thinking he himself was god. This was after 2 nights of partying with speed.

    He's a good mate but becoming increasingly unstable and too trippy to hang around with. What do i do?
  2. god knows, and if you are really god, you should know.
  3. ...what to do...

    [sorry, i was a bit fast on the "submit reply" button in my last post :) ]
  4. Tell ya m8 2 chill on da drug ting cause it sounds like it's messing wid his head man, if not then i think he'll have 2 take Hatebreeders advice and go into rehab.
  5. i doubt that you are god, but im open to anything nowadays. you and your pal should lay off the more serious drugs, well just lay off them when you are around him
  6. what if ScreenCleaner really is god but we tell him he's not? are we gonna go to hell then?! =0.
  7. you are god and you,re not god at the same time. just like all of us. either your friend is getting into a very profound space and it's part of his spiritual journey, or he's messed up his brain with introspective drugs, or both at the same time.
    but why sh he have selected you in particular, well screeny, maybe it's you who are the next messiah. get on with cleaning up the world as well as the streets and the screens etc.
  8. hey screeny, it looks so funny, your q. 'am i god?' underneath your avatar. she looks like she's thinking - omg i,m god!
    and she ain't very happy about it.
  9. are you god? well, it depends on how much weed youve got, and how much of it is for me.
    but seriously, i think you should go into the woods and mix a bunch of plain leaves and needles and put them in a bag, tell him its weed and just let him keep smoking that. then everybodies happy...
  10. We are all connected by an energy. Every man and every woman has the power to take his or her own life. Your brain is your God. The thought to ponder is respect all animals, if reincarnation is true, any creatiure could be your father.


  11. Good Point Tripitaka.

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